Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goal setting- Chess community

First part here.

Goal setting is an expression of hope. It's an expression of belief. Clear goals expresses that. The converse; a fudged goal is an expression of lost hope. In goal setting a lofty goal is not an impediment and so the bigger the goal the better. It's having unambitious goals that is the danger. The reason for this, is that, at the outset of any goal there are 2 unknowns ie the unknown unknowns and the known unknows. And these are only known when you set out on your journey. When you take the first and subsequent steps. It's being able to observe, consider and synthesize experience that brings the benefit. And you adjust your mental model accordingly and so become enriched.

But as I said, Malaysian chess has danced in the same spot for many mnay years. Some even argue we have gone backwards. So negativity rules the day. To break this we need a goal, we need a small success along that goal. If that can happen we will find a new release of energy. Look here.

So before we go forward, let us examine what has not worked. Look here.

To move forward we have to learn from our past. What was tried for Asean is actually a sad old story. Patronage does not work. It supports weak, self promoting individuals and engenders helplessness. So looking for another Patron will only prolong our agony. Looking towards MCF does not work. The good, the bad and the ugly are locked in. See here.

So what can we do? The chess community is so diverse. It seems helpless. So why dont we just sponsor them again and hope for the best?

Lets look at this idea. Why not? All else has been tried. Have you ever heard the saying that we deserve the leaders we have? What does this mean? What this means to me is that if we just focus on ourselves and like minded people we can make a difference. How does this work? The answer is awareness. By joining the dots, difficult as it is. When we change the leaders will have no choice but to change. All we have to do is to reject bad tournaments, reject bad proposals, increase awareness of what doesnt work. Keep doing this. Dont be afraid. Take back the power that you have given to them. For without your fear they have none. Remember this. Actually it is all up to you individually. But when enough of us are more aware, change will come.

So if the goal is that first GM for Malaysia, this is the way to achieve it. All else does not work. It's been tried for 30 years and it has caused the convoluted reasoning that we see today (as they desperately try to justify and rationalise away the many years of failure). So stop that. Just change yourself and whats around you. Thats enough. That is the goal. And I believe this goal is achievable because the results lies solely in your hands.

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