Friday, September 17, 2010

2 ways to change

There are 2 ways to change. The first is when the pain of status quo is greater than the pain of change. This first scenario describes our chess scene currently. So many would rather suffer the humiliation of not being good, the abuse from doing shoddy work rather than change. In this scenario you can either increase the pressure till they change or wait for total collapse and then slowly pick up the pieces and start again. Think on this. This is important.

The other way is to instigate the pain of change before it becomes a disaster, before the pain of status quo is too big. At this point you have what I call an internal engine. An inner drive to excel. This is what we should be driving for. But we cant. Not so long as we are caught in the first scenario.

But wait! Did I say that you can pressure them to change? Hmmmmm, that doesnt really work does it? Not unless you want to spend your life trying to stop the stream with your hands. Spend a ton of energy to get one ounce of work. So what are we going to do now? Read Friday Reflections below and we'll talk some more.

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