Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A conversation

I had a conversation this weekend. I was asked by a friend why do I write this blog? She said that the Malaysian chess fraternity has not reached the level of maturity to understand it yet. This opinion has been mirrored by a few others.

So let me put it this way. In the corporate world, when we assign a task or a responsibility we ensure that the person has the required knowledge and resources to undertake it.

And so it's the same here. To rush to an opinion that the chess fraternity is negative and immature is in my mind premature. Maybe they have not been given the correct tools, resources or knowledge yet.

Besides if they are immature then this is the opportunity for them to mature; if they can identify with what has been written then maybe this can urge them to do something about it. If they are already doing something then maybe this blog will allow them to synergise with others that want the same direction.

That is my hope anyway.


  1. R,

    A shoes salesman was sent to a remote country. When he returned, his boss asked for his opinion. He answered ,"We cannot do business there, because no one wear shoes!".

    A second shoes salesman was sent to that same remote country. When he returned, his boss also asked for his opinion. He answered ,"No one wear shoes there. Surely our shoes will be a hit there!".

    R, you are the second salesman!! :)

  2. Abdooss, I like your reflection. Two different perspectives on the same matter. :)

  3. Firey Rook,

    It is a well known story. I am just sharing it with you guys! Glad you enjoyed it (& motivated as well!!) :)