Sunday, September 19, 2010

Post Dato Tan, a blessing in disguise?

It may be. I recall with some distaste my interaction with MCF and CS solution over First GM's sponsorship of Asean training. Let me recount again so we dont easily forget.

Adzlin and I wanted to meet with Najib to engage Ziaur and he said he was busy and wanted us to go to Datcc instead. He finally conceded to meeting us at Bangsar shopping complex. At the training, he was rude and attempted to take over the training. The first thing he said to me was that he didnt photostat the books I requested but he photostated the books for the others. He charged me for project management which he didnt provide. I paid him the full amount he requested because as far as I am concerned it is not going to hurt us financially as we both have other independent incomes. He even had the cheek to tell me that he would confront Adzlin if Tony Fernandes is not there in person when the delegation leaves from LCCT. And on return to KL he cancelled a meeting with us at the last minute even though we had called him a few minutes earlier to confirm. We wanted to discuss his billing.

Greg called up the parents behind our backs and told them to go to Beijing instead after agreeing to us sponsoring the Asean training. We ended up doing all the admin work as well as paying for the flag ceremony which was not our responsibility.

We sponsored Haslinda's air ticket as Chief of mission and she insulted us by giving delegates certs to other parents but not us. And I had volunteered my services as the mind coach for the contingent as well.

We were categorically told by Greg, that MCF does not need to discuss anything with us even though we sponsored the event when I asked for a postmortem on return to KL.

I was told by Haji Ibrahim that I was not to speak to Ignatius as First GM was their supplier. As far as I know we have not been paid a cent by MCF. In fact the converse was true.

Where do these people come from? Are they for real?

All in all I said to Adzlin after the event. I do not see why we should fund them, be overcharged, carry their work and be insulted at the same time. We do not need this. It is better to just look after our kids and I can write blogs.

I think these attitudes may come from the fact that they always have Dato Tan to bail them out. And so they have no respect for other sponsors. I hear that there may be some changes in DATCC as well. Rental may now be enforced or something to that effect.

However I still wish them well. I wish them enough adversity to help them grow up. I hope they can get future sponsors. I wish chess well but I will not get involved with them again as a sponsor unless we receive an apology for the bad behaviour and restitution for the overcharging. I dont owe them a living. Maybe they will now learn to earn for themselves rather than taking sponsors for granted.

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