Monday, September 27, 2010

Further Counselling vs Coaching

I stated that when we can use the coaching model, we can find that GM. Here.

Let me try to explain why? The counselling model can also be characterised by helping the counseled face their imagined fears. For more information read here. I mentioned that this is a slow process. This is because of the defences mounted by the mind. This was first described by Freud. The defences are denial, repression, confabulation etc. The defences mounted are formidable and often not easily identified or resolved. You can see amazing contortions of the mind even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

So we can only begin the coaching model when the excuses have ended, when the person is able to face reality without damaging the spirit. Read what I said about the healthy learning mind here. And here.

Here I want to add a caution. The genuine cases are not aware of their defences. We also have other cases where the mentioned defences are mounted but consciously. Here we are going into the realm of con men who use their understanding of psychology to deceive. But that is not the purview here.

I have noticed that our chess community also have signs of these symptoms. We are extremely resistant to change. Here.

Could I be right? Can that be the answer to the mystery of the missing GM? Is that why we are still repeating the same mistakes over and over again? For how many more years? I hope you wont shoot the messenger. Do consider this. What have you got to lose? Do you want that GM? And all else we can achieve and learn along the journey.

A good way forward to that coaching model is to stop instilling fear in our children.

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