Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The healthy mind

The contortions of the mind knows no limits. The tools of obfuscation, semantics etc. are infinite. So much so that even whether Clinton had sex with Lewinsky can be argued to ridiculous levels. The human mind has this amazing capacity to fool itself. Ever seen an episode of American Idol? Is it possible that some of them dont know they cant sing? In fact some evidence point to the fact that the more intelligent the mind, the faster and the better it can trap itself.

So where to now? We cannot trust the mind. And we dont want to fool ourselves. So what is the use of mental coaching? How can it work?

My solution is to tie the mind to the spirit. Read here.

Follow the spirit of the law, the spirit of competition, ergo use your conscience. The human spirit is important. There are too many lies and distortions and it is difficult to see the truth. Read here.

Observe around you. If the spirit is damaged, the mind is very easily deceived.

In my model, I use another tool. I use our emotions. If we are able to identify and express the entire spectrum of our emotions, this can now become a tool to sensing our environment. If you are not too emotionally damaged you are also able to sense the emotions of another. I have found this useful during the days I negotiated for a living. I can sense hostility, confusion etc. when entering a new environment.

When I came up with this model, I realised that our best chance is with our kids. Before the damage to the spirit or emotions are too deep. It is not too late for the adults but it is much more difficult. Much more.

Kids can take to the coaching model fast but for many adults we need a lot of counselling to dig ourselves out of the quagmire. Read here and here.

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