Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chess is a game.....

That comprises 4 components. The components can vary in order of importance according to circumstances but there are 4 components nonetheless. The first is understanding yourself, the second is understanding your opponent, the third is the board and finally we have the clock.

You cannot reach the top if you drop one component. If we can see this, if we can accept this, if we can join the dots, we have a future.

An exercise. Under what conditions will one component overtake another? Try as many scenarios as possible.


  1. What you said will have significant outcome to become the Champion ONLY IF a person is not having a superior handicap TECHNICALLY in the playing field.

  2. Yes I agree. Now go and read chess ninja's comment. Does it make any sense to you?

  3. A person is consider techincally handicapped if the rating between the two players are 200 points or more.

    I would rate Mas technical knowledge at 70 to 80% (at best). A 2700+ super GM whould have at least 85 to 95%. Even in the worse case scenario for Adams and best case scenario for Mas, Mas will likely to lose the game or at best hold to a draw in an endgame play BY ASSUMING both players physical condition are the same. Let's forget about England who hv strong reserve, Malaysia will definitely be affected because Mas will start to become a lame duck after 6 rounds due to Rd 1 epic match.

    So, the decision to accept the draw is very wise. Do remember, we do not hv a reserve in the team UNLESS Greg sit in for Mas. This is also a doom situation because Khai Boon will be a lame duck at Board 2, and Peter will be harder to score point at Board 3.

    In conclusion, Mas and Mok must weather all the thunderstorm for 11 games. Sun Szu's principle "Do not win a battle at a cost of a war". Btw, we hd lost Rd 1 battle before Mas game.

  4. Thank you for your sharing. I have given replies to some of your comments here the self sabotage posting. All things considered there were many flaws starting with decision for the constitution of the team. So very honestly I am not targeting a good team result for this outing. My goal would be less ambitious than that. Given our weak team I would have liked to see them all do their best as individuals. Pull out the stops. If there was even a 1% chance for Mas to win objectively on the board I would have liked to see him fight on. One never knows. Stranger things have happened in life. Then all of chess Malaysia would have rejoiced and celebrated the event. We would have brought back something even if the team did not do well. A small chance is still something. We still have time. It's not over yet. I hope the boys pull out something.