Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some procedural questions MCF needs to answer at the AGM.

Constitution here.

Dear MCF committee members,

I hope you will be able to provide us in the chess community some answers at the coming AGM. The questions I ask below is not exhaustive but I hope it will be a fair representation of the questions on our minds. It is hoped that you will endeavour to give us some sensible answers.

It is understood that the Constitution above has been ratified since 2009 and so I believe it is reasonable that MCF abides by the code of conduct therein from that date irrespective of whether your affiliates endorsed the same Constitution at different times subsequently.

It is our understanding that the previous meeting of MCF was in January before the last 9th Nov 2012 meeting. Can I ask here if the minutes to the January meeting was ratified on the 9th Nov? I ask this question simply because I have had bad experiences with doctored minutes from my days in PICA. Ref: Here.

So here are the questions:

Many questionable decisions have been brought up since the last meeting in January. So can we assume that the meeting in January has given the explicit authorisation to certain individuals to make decisions on behalf of the entire committee?

I ask this question because I was informed that a meeting was called for the Olympiad selection but it was cancelled at the last minute. So in the absence of the authorisation I have to assume that this approval must have been explicitly given at some previous meeting according to the Constitution. Otherwise the person responsible for the decision to call a fraudulent selection must be held accountable for using illicit authority to cheat the chess community.

Other questions pertains to the accounts. We have the accusation levied by Tse Pin. Here. Can we ask who authorised Tse Pin to collect the Rating fees in his private account? The Constitution specifically states that any amount greater than RM200 needs to be referred to the main committee. So there must be a resolution approving this action or the person responsible and/or Tse Pin must be held accountable. Surely Tse Pin's argument that he will present the accounts for the President's eye only must be in error. There is no provision in the constitution for that.

And then of course we also come to the other accounts. Asian Amateur and Melaka. Both events involved money from Fide and/or Asian Confederation as well as other sponsors. Is the main committee aware of structure of the negotiated deals on MCF's behalf? Especially since there is speculation of the involvement of other sponsors as well.

Surely all these events are properly documented and every cent accounted for. Let me explain why?

Fiduciary mismanagement is a jailable offence. Now the officer in charge which I assume is the treasurer has to justify every cent spent and document every cent received and it needs to be backed by appropriate documentation of authority in the form of resolutions etc.

Let me ask a few other questions here. Who approved Greg's and Haslinda's Fide Organisers Course? Was MCF money used at all? Was there proper approval?

But let me end here with another question before this gets too long. MCF has the powers to discipline. Why is it that no action has been taken to investigate highlighted suspect tournaments brought to your attention as well as apparent abuse of the general public in the form mentioned here. Why has nothing been done about unconstitutional bannings? Etc etc.

I hear we are very close to being delisted. Just too much rubbish to bury. So the final question to the committee is whether you intend to rectify past mistakes or if you intend to carry on with business as normal. For really if you do not admit to those mistakes and show us how you hope to improve things for the chess community, it may be better if MCF is delisted. You need to address our concerns and meet us part way.

More dirty tricks and intimidation is not going to work any more. Show us you intend to improve and we can try to solve things within the family or else you need to take the responsibility for the failure of Malaysian chess and the impending delisting of MCF. Stop looking for scapegoats. It won't work anymore.

Open the AGM to all stakeholders. We want to hear your answers to us.

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