Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sukma, what the Associations are asking for and the new MCF.

Of course most of us who are interested in the development of Malaysian chess is focused on the accounts of MCF. This is simply because every cent there belongs to the entire chess community and is supposed to be used for chess development. Heavy leakages there means no money to develop.

But certain people in MCF wants to discuss my post asking if MCF uses terror to stop people from asking real questions. Ref: Here. And in doing so they are now showing every one the answer to my question. I have replied to the accusations here and here. So MCF has brought out their kamikaze small guns to play here and they have brought out their peashooters in the form of NF6 and friend on facebook. And so these people have stuck their necks out and are now in the line of future investigations when it happens. What is their real interest in this matter? We can speculate a little in my next post. So let MCF try to terrorise FGM at their meeting on Dec 2nd. Good luck to them.

Allow me to juxtaposition here what the people who are really looking for improvement and change are discussing. One of the points brought up by the State Officials at UTP was funds for development at State level. And it was brought up that the State Government can fund if Chess is in Sukma. Ref: Here.

What I said to them was that they have raised very good points which should be discussed further and so I arranged for a meeting in KL on the 24th with other people sick of the rot and MCF meetings to try to terrorise people from asking real questions. That meeting was continued on the 25th after I left.

Let me put down the tentative summary here what was discussed there. The first thing is that MCF as the national body should have representation from as many States as possible. As we can see from the Constitution here  there are about 10 spots on the committee. So what was suggested was that those States that are most active and have extra manpower should have a seat each. This will ensure that the State's voices are heard not like now. With the States involved there will also be oversight over the money as that is also the money for their development.

As you can also see from the Constitution, MCF is also responsible for the development of the officials. So the States can take turns going to the International Tournaments currently barred to them to increase their exposure in International arenas. They can also take turns running MCF tournaments to gain experience in organising bigger events.

So why is it important that Associations with extra manpower are on the committee of MCF? Funds again. MCF tournaments should make money for MCF and not outsourced to cronies for kickbacks. The States can supply the manpower for MCF events. MCF makes money and in return is able to develop the States further.

Once all this is done, it is believed that it will be a much smaller step to ask for Chess to be included in Sukma. Right now MCF is a joke.

So this was the other meeting. People looking for solutions to bring Malaysian Chess to the next level. Compare this to the meetings held by the current MCF. How to fix Megat and look for scapegoats to cover their ass? How to fix FGM so no one will dare question again how they enrich themselves with our money in the future?

Remember I said that I was not taking sides? Ref: Here. The information on this blog was for everyone to improve. But I hear that things are becoming much more nasty and those people who have stolen and terrorised us for years do not look like they want to change or improve. They seem to think that by escalating their terror they can drown out the voices asking about where the money has gone.

I am changing my mind here. I think I want to take sides. To me I can see clearer now where the future of Malaysian chess will lie. Where we celebrate our chess warriors who win fair and square and not the banning by a lousy trainer who thinks he is Kuala Lumpur and who probably deserves an investigation into his State Association funds as well and the backdoor player who cannot cut it anymore but still deludes himself that he is Malaysia. It seems more and more obvious now to me that those guys have been responsible for the rot in Malaysian chess and they still want to continue to exploit the Associations for their selfish gains. At least for me I am more convinced now where the better future is after attending that discussion.

I side with those looking for solutions and for the way forward. I reject the gangsters and their ways.

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