Monday, November 19, 2012

More questions for MCF on World Youth.

Read here.

As you can see on the link above, MCF only made a call for the U16's. Now why query this?

Lets say MCF is actually trying to develop Malaysian chess. Now if this was the case wouldn't we see this? World Youth is also open to the U18. Why is there only one U18 from Malaysia present? Why was there no general call for the other U18 Juniors?

Consider this. The parents pay for everything. MCF actually charges a management fee to the parents. So why not open it up? MCF is not paying.

The official players are one thing. So ok, MCF says the NAG Champ is to be the official player. Fine if that is what the organisers are offering. One free place per category. But why pass up the U18?

I also know there are players there who are not official. That is fine too. The parents are investing for their future and maybe they will do better next year after the exposure. But again why not let the chess community know about that too. Why not say that you can still go but unofficially. After all MCF doesn't come up with a cent.

Puzzling yes? Not so if this is the plan. Knock out the players that are close to challenging the seniors. Don't give them information, don't even give them a chance to improve, ban them without grounds etc etc. The idea is that Jimmy will still be in the senior team when he is in a wheelchair and then we need to send someone to push him around the tournament hall. If that is not the case, can you see any logic to this deliberate strategy to exclude our more senior Juniors?

Note: Aren't the U18 and the U20 the Juniors that are closest to replacing the seniors? Why abandon them after all the investment and training? Could that be the only reason why Jimmy is still playing for the Country? Do you remember how he did at the last Olympiad? How do we progress if the Juniors are not given the opportunity to overtake the seniors except via the back door?

Who is supporting this sabotage of our players? Who made the decision? Are you proud of yourself? Do you go around saying that you are "sacrificing" yourself for Malaysian chess? That you are serving to lead.

Note: If you are still not convinced, do you remember what happened to Sumant when he actually trained and fought for his place in the senior squad? Was he congratulated for a job well done after he qualified? Or was he attacked mercilessly?

Work this out and you will see why no GM will come under this MCF. Put yourself in Sumant's shoe for a minute and you will understand what they did to him.

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