Saturday, November 10, 2012

Message from FGM.

We are a chess community crying for success. For years the same old questions have been asked; where is our own GM? Why is it that Countries with far less resources than us can produce so many and we cannot even get one? Why are we slipping further and further behind our neighbours?

And the answer has been starring at us in our face.


Let us look at our culture first. FGM started a training program for our Juniors and we and our sponsors were attacked and the program stopped in its tracks. FGM produced a National Junior from Perak and the player is attacked and banned from a Tournament. FGM coached a National Junior who won his place via proper selection in the senior squad and he is attacked all over the place.

Lets think about it. Sumant trained and got the formula right and he got his position on merit and not through the back door. Shouldn't we have congratulated him instead? Wasn't that a marvelous achievement? So why was he threatened to wait his turn or make enemies? What is the message to him and to the other players? Why was Sumant not rewarded but punished for his courage and good chess.

An aside: They also attacked me and said I am not a trainer. I never claimed to be a technical trainer. I am a Coach. I find the right trainer for my players according to their needs and gifting. I did that in the case of Mark. In Sumant's case I fixed what needed to be fixed so he can excel at that selection. I worked on his mental strength and self belief. In other words I produced the results according to objective measures by working on the parts that needs working on.

But instead it is the back door boys that are celebrated. And our real hero is left floundering. I just heard Sumant pulled out of Nf6 tournament. And that is why we have no GM, they have all been sabotaged. Sponsorship and support should have poured to him as the only Junior to win his position in the senior squad via selection. Instead he was just used by certain people to attack me and then discarded.

If you look deeper, you will see that Malaysia does not support the U18 and U20 International events. Those guys are the closest to replacing our jaded M's. In fact I hear other Countries support their players even when they cross the 20 yo age. So long as they are still fighting, still improving. But we kill them off instead. We tell them that they are all washed out by 15yo unless they have the inside track by certain "fixers" for the back door.


MCF has a constitution but it is not followed at all. Abuses are encouraged and illegitimate authority used to suppress those that are striving for improvement whether official, player, organiser, trainer or Coach.

We are governed by rule and law breakers. And so we find suspect accounts or no accounts, we find fraudulent selections and we find match fixing. This has to stop so we can focus on developing Malaysian chess.


So we are now in a situation where there are a few people that can be punished by law when there is an investigation. I say when for it is but a question of time unless things change. And that will put MCF at risk of being delisted. And none of us want that. But we also do not want the abuses to continue. We do not want to see our strong players victimised to glorify weak players who dare not compete. That is not acceptable.

So I ask the person primarily responsible for this fiasco in this term to resign his position as Secretary. Do this to also protect those that have followed you blindly into breaking the law. We do not want a pound of flesh. We are not looking for vendettas. All we want is a fair and just MCF that will look after the interests of all in the Malaysian chess community.

What we want is for MCF to encourage Peter to improve himself as a trainer and bring Roshan to new heights. And if Peter does improve maybe one day he can even bring Roshan into the senior squad on merit. We want MCF to act against Peter if he tries to ban players without grounds and not to encourage his bad behaviour by giving him heavier responsibilities when he cannot even follow basic rules according to the constitution.

What we want is to see Jimmy coming back to the board in a proper selection and not the back door. We are not against anyone. All have a place and their rights BUT within the rules. Gens Una Sumus.

And we also want suspect tournaments investigated and the people responsible given fair warning or action will be taken.

But for all that to happen you have to go Greg. So that others too may be spared from prosecution. So that MCF may be spared from delisitng. If even one report goes out on your malpractices and the authorities step in and act, it will open a pandora's box and it cannot be handled within the family anymore. I hope you can understand this message. Do it for yourself too. Take the exit. This is a fair compromise after all the damage you have done.

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