Sunday, November 25, 2012

Who is Haslinda speaking for?

Ref: Here.

I just received a note from an official in MCF. It is asking who is Haslinda speaking for?

(Where is her authority to deliberate this matter coming from? Hasn't MCF more important things to deliberate or is someone trying to divert attention from the real issues? Is Haslinda MCF?)

That is a very good question. And so more skeletons are coming out. More will be revealed in the coming days. Please stay posted Peter or whoever you are or how insignificant you are.

Please also note that you have been removed from the list if you are who you say you are. Otherwise please write in again to be included k? I don't want you to feel left out Peter. Gens Una Sumus.

Also please note the title of the label to this post.

Btw, Happy B'day Haslinda. Many happy returns and all my best.

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