Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comments on Peter's latest posting, Silly season.

Ref: Here.

I do agree with the gist that seeking positions in MCF is national service. Serve to lead as Peter says. But I am still skeptical if Peter is the right messenger for this message. So let me ask Peter a few questions here. Peter, is KLCA an association for Kuala Lumpur and is representative of its voice or is it just yours? You are Kuala Lumpur personified.

Why did you support a fraudulent selection for the Olympiad? And if you would be so kind as to publish your justification for banning without grounds again, I would be grateful. There is no point making seemingly progressive ideas on your blog while surreptitiously doing things against the constitution of MCF.

Otherwise it would seem to me that it is indeed a silly season when the pot starts calling the kettle black. Turn a new leaf Peter and then keep quiet for a while. When we see you have some credibility again, then talk. You may be more believable then.

ps: Have you ever stopped to consider that it is a thankless task because you guys have produced no real results but refuse to learn or improve?

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