Friday, November 23, 2012

Open letter to MCF by Jimmy Liew.


The last straw for Jimmy Liew is my article asking if MCF is a terrorist organisation. He is showing repugnance on their behalf as if it has something to do with him. That is fine. The whole of MCF is on trial now or hasn't he noticed? I wonder what will happen if the accounts is not ratified or if it is ratified but flawed. Will more skeletons come out of the closet?

It is very clear that the selection for the Olympiads was a fraud (I won't bother with the other stuff Jimmy is saying). It is clearly against the Constitution for open and fair selection. I welcome an MCF probe into itself to see if it has followed the rules. I ask MCF to open it's AGM to all stakeholders and all interested parties to attend and I will gladly answer questions there.

You see, those crooks on the link above can only do what they do because they find protection under this MCF instead of sanction. So you can fix selection, you can form a State Association that is not a State Association , you can ban without grounds and you can rob the Associations etc. All that can be done under this current MCF.

That is what this trial by the chess community is about. And I am willing to be a witness.

(A simple distraction like this will not work Jimmy. We are all chess players here. I have produced a National Junior and have placed a Junior on the senior squad via selection while you have only accomplished it via the back door. Different level of skills Jimmy).

So I think the first thing to do is to ferret the crook/s out of MCF. Then all can get a fair and open hearing. After all crooks will defend their ilk right Jimmy? Is that what you want too Jimmy? An open and fair hearing by a clean arbiter? Is that what you stand for? Then lets examine the accounts together, clean out MCF and then we ask for a hearing by a new and fair MCF. Do you agree? No back door deals between crooks. An open and fair hearing/selection. Or do you only like fixed games?

ps: Oh by the way Peter, I don't know if you have noticed this difference between us in terms of skill. I back the player first and then I bring him into the senior squad by my training methods via open and fair selection. You did not even recognise your own player and promoted someone else's back door player instead. Then you came back quickly and claimed his title as your achievement after the fact. Then you let him down so badly at World Youth. And still you talk so big.

I do not write letters begging to coach the national players, they had come to me on their own volition and request till they and their parents were terrorised. See the difference? Results Peter, results. Get your own results. Don't steal from someone else's work and don't try to ban players better than the ones you can produce.


  1. I only have one question;
    You said "We are all chess players here"..

    Q. Are you a chess player, Mr RS?

    I'm sure you won't misunderstand or misconstrue this question.

    Thank You in advance for your straight forward and simple answer.

    Best Regards.

  2. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to answer your question here Abdooss, since you have never attempted to understand answers you don't like hearing. Also it is usually a bad idea to impugn the reputation of the person you are asking questions to by implying they do not give straight answers. But I will give you a short answer here. Yes, I do play chess. My son was taught and trained by me when he won his U12 State Championship. Today I prefer to focus on the other aspects of chess today simply because there are much better technical trainers than me in the open market and I am much more interested in the bigger mysteries of the mental aspect of chess as apposed to the simpler technical ones. If you look closer you will find that is the main reason why we are not producing strong players in Malaysia. That has also been the main main message on this blog for 2 years in case you missed it because I have been too subtle. I hope this will help to clear your mind. If you want examples of liars and people who twists facts I suggest you go to Jimmy's or his friends site.

    All my best.

  3. Thank You for your answer, Mr RS.

  4. Firestonemaster pun nak buat Open Letter to DATCC. Why Firestonemaster sudah banned DATCC. Pengurusan DATCC layan saya seperti anjing dan binatang dan teringin nak saya katakan bahawa DATCC menjalankan pengurusan yang berkonsepkan NYANYOK dan tidak lagi MESRA RAKYAT. Sendiri kena ingat.!!!Jom ramai2 kita banned DATCC.Jangan hadir atau buat apa2 aktiviti catur di DATCC lagi.