Monday, November 12, 2012

More on mental strength.

Lets look deeper at what a game of chess really is. Would you agree that even with good technical skills you can lose a game or a tournament? If so, how does this happen?

Chess is really 2 sides presenting an argument. White has his perspective and Black has another. Many times both sides think they are winning, particularly in a tough game. But objectively one side is winning as best illustrated by chess engines like fritz etc.

And so the debate rages and the final outcome will be he who has the more objective evaluation.

Now comes the mind games. I am a M; you are all washed out by 15yo and you don't deserve to be opposite me; if you win you will make enemies, wait your turn; if you win I will ban you; I will make your life hell when you are alone in the team event; I will make sure that you never enter the back door and I am in control there etc etc etc.

And in the debate I will lie, I will attack your character, I will twist and turn. I will use all necessary to intimidate till you cannot see the truth.

Mental strength. This is what our players do not have. And without this we will not be able to climb out of our rut. The match fixing seniors dare not compete anymore. They are frightened of competition and so they use all the methods mentioned above to prevent new players from replacing them.

Now we have the Constitution of MCF that says very clearly that they are rule and law breakers. And there will be an AGM where they will try to use the methods above to get out of the jam they are in. One wrong step and somebody or a few can go to prison. So will they come clean and do the honourable thing or will they think they can bluff and intimidate their way out of this too.

Now it is in black and white in the form of the Constitution. If they do succeed in getting out it will say a lot of what they have managed to do to the parents of juniors, juniors and the other chess players in Malaysia. Development or destruction?

Mental strength. Do our players have it? What do the facts say? I will present you with a list of questions that MCF has to answer for on my next posting. Look at that and then look at the Constitution.

Now if these people cannot follow the law, what do you think they are teaching our children? What does short cuts and back doors and rule and law breaking produce? Mental giants or possible criminals?

With this understanding of the position (situation), what will you do? Will you let them jedi mind trick you into thinking you are losing? Will you let them get away with a draw to continue to do this for the next 30 plus years? What is the cost to Malaysian chess if this is to happen? What will happen to all the kids coming into chess now? The previous U18 Juniors are practically wiped out.

What will happen to the amazing talent of the now U16 and the generations to come. Will we be pushing Jimmy to future Olympiads in his wheel chair in years to come now that even the engine of his kup chai has fallen off? Will Peter make a come back to represent Malaysia? Do you think it is possible that the U15 there are already far ahead of him in knowledge and skill? Maybe not in bluff and belligerence. Is that why he has already prepared his excuses?

Which will take us further? Knowledge, skill and mental strength or just sheer bluff and intimidation with some judiciously added bannings. Lets see the World Youth results. Some of it is already showing and Peter is talking about quality of rooms etc. Go to his site and see where his mind is. Here.

Note: You cannot be weak everywhere else and be strong on the table.

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