Thursday, November 22, 2012

Is MCF a terrorist organisation?

MCF Constitution here.

Lets try this as a thinking exercise today. Let's try to reason this out. What is terrorism? Can we agree that it is an attempt by certain people to use extra constitutional means to force a change in a situation for their own benefit? Is it necessary to kill and maim before you can be labelled a terrorist? Or is the use of terror on the weak and helpless alone sufficient? Even if they are not killed or maimed.

For the sake of argument lets say that the use of terror with extra constitutional means on the weak and helpless is sufficient for the label of terrorism.

So does MCF use terror on the weak and helpless? Do they not attack the children via their proxies? Do they not encourage match fixing via unconstitutional means? Do they not assassinate your character and villify you in public should you dare to question them? Do they not tell you that you cannot win at selection but wait for your turn if you do not want to make enemies? Do they not tell you who you can go to for chess training or you will be attacked? Do they not try to ban your child if they feel threatened that your player may upset the back room deals? Do they support all these activities with the use of illegitimate power and authority outside of the Constitution?

Do they rob the Associations blind and if you question them then they will try to fix you, whether you are an official, parent, coach, trainer or player?

In a democracy everyone has a say. Terrorism does not condone that. In a democracy the Datuks and Neneks have a say. Ah Beng, Ah Kow, Samy, Muthu and Ali have a say. One vote each and you can attend the ceramahs, you can hear the arguments presented by all those fighting for office and then you make your own decision and cast your vote. Terrorism does not allow that. You have no say. They do not even need to explain to you.

They can rob you blind and if you dare to question, they will terrorise you. And in chess the vast majority are the children. They are learning all this together with their chess lessons. They are learning how terrorism works in every tournament where there is match fixing.

Is that not the case?

In chess, the major stakeholders are the parents and the players. Together they pay for everything and everyone within the chess industry. But they are given no respect and they are given no say. If they try to bring up a grievance, it is not solved. Instead they are terrorised.

You think I may have a point here? But lets not jump to conclusions here. Let us revisit some of the evidence from my following posting. And then let us go to the AGM and allow them to cross examine me and refute what I am saying here. Why have they not dared to answer even one of my questions? Is it because I don't have a vote in MCF? Have I been disenfranchised? Have I no rights in Malaysian chess? All they do is attack with no refutation.

The only legitimate way is to argue out with reason and explanations. And all have to follow the law as laid down in the Constitution. Otherwise you risk being labelled a terrorist organisation.

They leave our children's body intact but they have robbed them of their hopes and dreams. They have left our childrens body intact but they have killed off their spirit. And their weapon of choice is terror. Is this not true? Look at our older juniors now. What do you see? Do you remember them when they thought they could do anything? Do you remember them when they had hope and fire in their eyes? Who took all that away? Are they not terrorists or do the children have to die before we say anything or lift a hand to try to change things here at home first.

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