Friday, November 30, 2012

Come clean and then step down.

We have appealed to you time and time again to stop the abuses. To stop those that are terrorising our kids and trying to frighten the parents. We have asked you time and time again to stop the match fixing and fraudulent selections. We have asked you to take action according to your own Constitution but you have ignored us.

Instead you step up your attacks on us and protect the criminals. Unconstitutional sackings with no charges and no rights of appeal. Doctored minutes and no accounting. More and more attacks to besmirch the reputation of people who have merely asked you to do the right thing instead of hiding the crimes.

Return the Associations to the public. It does not belong to you or your parents. It belongs to all of us.

It is very reasonable for us to ask you to return the money. It belongs to us. And we are not vindictive people for all we want is a just solution. But I even hear some people saying that you are pushing for the delisting of MCF thinking that with the delisting you will all get clean away with the loot. That is just your self delusion talking. It will not happen that way.

Let me tell you what I think will happen from my feedback. If the accounts are not clean, then it will be brought to a higher authority. You really do not want this. So stop panicking and sit down and think. Your problems will not go away even if you succeed in getting MCF delisted. In fact your real nightmares will have only just begun.

So solve it within the family. Come clean, offer to repay the money and then step down. Return the Associations to the real chess players and not to the con artists. You have had your run. Be grateful that some of us still want to give you guys a way out inspite of all the terrible things you have inflicted us all with. But not for much longer. We are all getting fed up with your gangster ways.

Like Peter said. Do that or face the full consequences of the law. Crazy thing for him to say. KLCA will be investigated too. Have you thought this through Peter or is that what you really want?

And he dares to shame the game we all love by calling himself a chess player. Stupid boy.

A full apology by all those involved and then stopping the intimidation will help us mollify those that want to see you all in prison. Take the exit now before it is too late. That is your only way out once you think about it.

That is just my considered opinion as a chess coach. But it's really up to you. After all, what do I know right?

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