Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who are our National rapid and National blitz Champions?

We just had a National event where our Federation VP Haslinda and her secretary Greg Lau were present to officiate. And the players came far and wide to fight for national prestige. With the presence of such a luminary with secretary in tow, why aren't their names published and splashed all over to honour their endeavour? Ordinary events are given more coverage and for this National event, even the secretary had his secretary in tow and still this is not done. Puzzling isn't it?

Question. Does the National rapid and blitz Champion get to represent the Country in International rapid and blitz tournments? After all MCF does not come up with the money. All they have to do is facilitate. But what are they doing instead? Let me hazard a guess here..... trying to "fix" the accounts?

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