Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Article 20, Finance of the Federation. The whammy.

Ref: Here.

Every cent of the Association belongs to the public. And this is the section that can lead to criminal breach of trust and severe consequences including imprisonment.

Lets go back to Tse Pin's public statement again. Article 20 says that any amount over RM200 needs to have the approval of the main committee. This means it cannot be for the President's eye only. Do you see the similarity between this practice and the one in PICA? Ref: Here.

Remember MCF ratified this Constitution on the 29/9/2008. I will allow that PICA had not yet ratified this Constitution in 2009 although this may not be true. Actually nobody in PICA's committee was given information on the status of COS admission as Dr Yee (past President and Treasurer in the new committee) was solely in charge of that at the time but was not giving the information out to the rest of the committee. But MCF itself cannot say this.

So accounts will be a big issue if my feedback is correct as to why the meeting was changed to the 9th of this month. I was informed that the speculation is that the date is meant to exclude certain officials who have been questioning the accounts.

And there is a lot of unanswered questions regarding the accounts. This includes the question raised by Fadli regarding the payment of Rating fees to a private account but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As I have said many times but I will repeat it again here, I am not in favour of harsh punishment for the many many many accusations of offenses that have been levied against MCF. What I hope for is an accommodation so we may build a better future for Malaysian chess. But this accommodation must include removing the key official responsible for this mess in the current term from his position of influence, to a place where he can do no further harm. And he should not be replaced by any who have practiced match fixing and abuse of power in the past as well. By this I mean the post of the Secretary. We need someone who is fair to all and cannot be intimidated or bribed into excesses.

I hope this can be discussed in the coming meeting. There is just too much to sweep under the carpet now and this is the best recourse I can think of to prevent escalation. As somebody pointed out on facebook, if we are to punish all of them, quite a few will find themselves behind bars. I agree with him.

So those of them who have been damaging Malaysian chess have to also agree that they must not try to sabotage any new improvements by the new committee elected after AGM. The abuse has to stop.

I hope this suggestion will be acceptable to all involved.

All my best. For the success of Malaysian chess. May we reverse this disgraceful backsliding and be a regional force again. And from there grow from strength to strength. We have the talent and the resources if there are no more abuses. Thank you for your time.

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