Thursday, November 1, 2012

MCF's COS Constitution.


But first let me address the PICA issue mentioned here again. Here. At that time our Associations were still under the ROS constitution and that constitution was silent about many things. The COS constitution is much more complete. One of the "reasons" given to me as to why MCF could not act against PICA was that the old PICA had ceased to exist when they too adopted the COS constitution. So be it. So lets just focus on this constitution.

Another good thing about the COS regulations is that anyone can write in directly to the Commissioner of Sports. See here.

So many things have changed since my time in PICA and MCF has adopted this new constitution.

Chess is a game governed by rules and so our players need to be taught on how to win whilst following the rules. Those back door methods can only work here with the support of illicit help from within MCF. Try it anywhere else and they will risk being banned on real and genuine grounds. And this is my main bone of my contention. Are the rules being followed? Are the people helming Malaysian chess today themselves following the rules? Or are they rule breakers and match fixers?

If so, what examples are they setting for our kids? If some officials of our Associations actually belong in prison, will that also be what they will be teaching our kids to emulate?

So lets look again at some issues that have been brought up after this. I will be referring to this constitution so try to download your own copy as we go through the examples in my next few postings.

For Malaysian Chess. For our kids and for our real chess players. Malaysia boleh.

All my best.

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