Sunday, November 25, 2012

Answer to Jimmy's challenge and stop crying to mama.

Ref here for challenge.

Wow! MCF has even replied to Jimmy and Peter's dumb request. I look forward to the outcome of that meeting and the opportunity to challenge this at the coming AGM. Here. This is an interesting development as MCF does not reply to the many many questions asked to her even by her own officials. Care to figure out what is going on?

So lets try to reason some things out here first and then we look at the reasoning that comes out of the MCF meeting.

So I said Peter thinks he is KL and now I say that Jimmy thinks he is Malaysia. And I asked the question, is MCF a terrorist organisation? A question is a question and can be answered in many ways; by a reasoned reply or by the action in response. But lets not preempt that answer today. Lets allow MCF to deliberate on that.

But let us apply some reasoning here in the meantime. So I said Jimmy is a kup chai and Peter is a lousy trainer. And I continue saying it. So what? That is my opinion of them and they have stated their opinion of me. But lets focus on Jimmy's letter here first. So when did Jimmy become Malaysia? Lets use an analogy from football here to see if we can make this picture a little clearer. On the field, in the tournament, can the players appeal to the Football Federation and say that the fans have booed them and ask that only fans that cheer be allowed into the stadium? So stupid!!

Jimmy says he wants to challenge me. And I have answered his challenge many times. But let me repeat it here again as he is a little slow. I think you are a kup chai Jimmy. The direct answer to my challenge is to go into the field and show the chess community that you are not and make me sound stupid. End of case and the end of FGM blog. My readers will leave as FGM will have zero credibility.

So let me make it easier for you Jimmy since you say you are keen for the challenge. Tell us which local tournaments you are going to and the real Malaysian players will meet you there. I will also try to come with Mark just like we did at Datmo rapid, despite us deciding to lay off chess for this year till after STPM, just so you are given the opportunity to show us all what a Ferrari you really are; so you have a chance of stamping your superiority and make me suck eggs. Btw, how did you do there?

Tell you what, I'll even give you this as a another concession to encourage you further. Use Hamid or Najib as your arbiter and you can even bring along Peter to play tag team if you want. All I request is that you allow Mark to finish his STPM before we start the clock. Agreed? We can start in January. How about it?

No more back doors and no more crying to mummy. No more saying that you cannot make it because Malaysia let you down, Dato let you down etc etc etc. You have been given a lot of chances and you are not allowed to steal the places from the better chess players here anymore.

But my curiosity is also peeked. You mean mummy has answered you boy, instead of giving you a spanking and asking you to grow up? Do keep us all informed of what mummy is going to do for you 2 little boys ok? Daddy is waiting for the answer too. Learn how to be a man, boys. Stop hiding under mummy's skirt. This is Daddy's best advice to you 2 kids.

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