Friday, November 30, 2012

The perfect storm for the glass ceiling.

"We cannot sow thistles and reap clover. Nature simply does not run things that way. She goes by cause and effect." -- Napoleon Hill

For today let us look at the 3 small toy guns of MCF. Haslinda, Jimmy and Peter. Between them we have officials, players, organisers and trainers. So what do they have in common that allows them to band together the way they have? And what is the net effect of their collusion?

All 3 claim to be chess players. I assume this means they truly understand the nature of the game with that statement. So lets see.

What is the actual situation on the board today? The accounts. This matter has even brought forth threats of the involvement of MACC from the committee members themselves. Competitor analysis. Chess. The first evaluation necessary for resolution is whether the threat is real or not. That means you have to assess if the persons issuing the threat has the skills and knowledge to execute or not. You also have to assess if bluff and more threats are going to intimidate the opponent or going to increase their resolve.

So you see, you need more weapons that just what the gangsters have if simple intimidation won't work. I have tried suggesting the ability to reason but it is falling on deaf ears.

My evaluation is that the presentation of kindergarten level accounts and then trying to bully all into closing their eyes and just ratifying the accounts and implicating themselves is not going to fly. I suggested playing nice and coming clean and offering to pay back the missing money. But that is not their evaluation. They think all parents are easy meat. But maybe they are unable to evaluate at all. Maybe intimidation is all they know. Maybe that is just their level of chess understanding.

And then we have Jimmy the kup chai. The back door artist who just cheated the entire chess community by playing on the Olympiad team. What is his interest in this matter that he gets so offended on the behalf of MCF? Could it be that he realises that if his supporters there cannot allow back door entries anymore then he is finished? Is his kamikaze attempt by highlighting himself an attempt to save MCF or just the MCF that has protected him for all these years from the many many many offenses he has committed?

Now lets come to Peter. He is more interesting. Official, organiser and trainer. What is his beef? Could it be that he is worried that if MACC gets involved then it is but a short step to KLCA itself being investigated? And that may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Then comes Haslinda, the one in charge of Melaka and now the acting treasurer of MCF since the aborted attempt to fix Megat. Hasn't she got enough on her plate just trying to get the accounts together? Why is she trying to fix FGM without the approval of the committee? Why so desperate?

Anyway that is all speculation as to their true motive. The key is in understanding competitor analysis. Are the threats real and do you have the weaponry to fight for a win. Or is it best that you fight for is a draw and offer to come clean and pay back the money. That all depends on whether you think your opponents know how to read a set of accounts or not. That depends on whether you think you can bluff and intimidate yourself out of trouble or not. That also depends if you have the skills to navigate this position or not. Very hard if all you know is bluff and scare tactics.

So what do all 3 have in common? This is what I see. The first thing is that they are not very bright. They are sacrificing themselves for the much bigger gun who is actually behind this by drawing all the fire to themselves.

But there is more. Look even deeper. Would I be overstretching if I say that the key feature of these people is that they cannot learn? Think about it. If it is money you want, then learn how to do business properly. Then you get money legally. If you want to be a chess Champion then learn how to play chess. If you want everyone to think you are a great trainer then the answer is even simpler. Get your own results and people will flock to you.

Why the need to cheat and bring all this grief to yourself?

Think about it. FGM has offered all the information here. I have talked about competitor analysis and a host of other things. I have even shared my training methods here so they have a heads up and be able to catch up. But still they do not want to learn. What more can I do to help them? They want the short cuts. They want the easy money and the back doors.

And then the worst is they want to control Malaysian chess and knock out any other strong players by the back doors and the unconstitutional bannings. They want to take the money that belongs to the public and then try to intimidate us into silence by attacking our children.

The perfect storm. Corrupt officials, weak players and weak minded trainers. That is the cause. Together they form that glass ceiling to stop the progress of Malaysian chess. And that is the effect.

Isn't that the truth of the matter?

Chess, the mind sport which is supposed to develop thinking, to make you smart is now hijacked to make people deaf and dumb.

And the answer to all this speculation will be whether Kindergarten accounts or the real accounts will be presented. It will also depend on whether they can succeed with a higher level of intimidation or not. So let us all wait for the answer. It is coming soon. Dec 2nd and I hear AGM on Jan 20th. So what will they do?

Will the rule of law prevail or will MCF turn into a truly terrorist organisation? That was the question right? And we are all waiting for the answer.

Your move.

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