Monday, November 19, 2012

2 Seriously flawed ideas that have stunted Malaysian chess.

Constitution here.

The very first bad idea is to bring into the key posts of our Federation committee members who are financially insolvent and/or do not have the knowledge or skills to contribute to the governance of Malaysian chess. Go back to article 4 on Aims and Objectives. 4.1 says MCF is to govern and 4.2 says MCF is the sole authority in chess vested by COS. The big big question before us is whether MCF has governed Malaysian chess or it's been hijacked to protect illegal and unprincipled activities. Have you known MCF to act against any of the complaints brought to it's attention or has MCF been used to squash legitimate complaints and to attack private organisers/trainer/coaches and players that are not in the "inner" circle.

Now why would that be and how did it come about?

The second very bad idea is that certain people with influence can "select" a player to promote like one chooses a horse to back. On the surface it may look like a good idea but our years of experience have told us that it doesn't work. A horse is not a human being. You give the horse a good trainer, manager and the correct nutrition etc and the horse performs if you have selected wisely. But the horse doesn't look for the short cuts like some humans. The horse does not come up with ideas on how to fix the system so that the horse has manufactured numbers, can bypass selection or fix matches to get a free holiday etc etc. So the best way is still open and fair selection as stated in the Constitution. Yes?

Now if we combine the 2 very bad ideas, we can now get a good picture of Malaysian chess. On the one hand we have officials that do not know what they are doing and is in need of money to survive and on the other we have back door players who cannot play competitive chess anymore. And these players now become arbiters, trainers, organisers and finally officials themselves.

See the pattern?

So what happens when we have back door players who become trainers also? They know that their reputation is dependent on them producing results. And they haven't got a clue on how to help our players win after U15.

(An aside: See here for an example. He is paid to go and help Roshan. But what does he do there instead? And he still talks rubbish. Like I have been saying, incapable of learning but wants to teach and tell the rest of us what to do. And if you don't pay him any attention he bans your child without grounds and against the very Constitution that he "ratified").

Would they now start little stories of how bad the juniors are, all washed out etc, because they really cannot bring the level of the juniors up. Would they be tempted to start PR campaigns and learn how to prevaricate and lie to hide their zero results? Would they begin to start thinking of fixing matches, subverting selection in collusion with officials? And finally would they not join/form the Associations or be close to the Associations where they will meet officials that are badly in need of money.

You think?

So what happens to the governance? Would sabotage now become the name of the game? Lousy trainers and poverty stricken officials. And what do you think would happen to an organiser who brings in a program to train our Juniors by a GM?

The AGM is coming. We have a chance to fix things, to put in people who can develop Malaysian chess. Choose wisely. Make sure that those people who have been destroying Malaysian chess are no longer in positions to do more damage. We cannot afford another 30 years of failure.

Actually I have been telling my friends that we have enough resources to develop our talents. MCF has money. But we do not have enough money for their greed. I hear the accounts should be coming out soon. I am waiting to see who will approve the accounts. That will be interesting. In Malay they say, berani buat berani tanggung.

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