Friday, November 23, 2012

They say and I say.

They say that Malaysian Chess is like all other sports in Malaysia and that corruption and incompetence is rife everywhere.

I say, why look at the bad apples? Why don't we choose the path of the highest instead of the lowest common denominators? Look at squash for instance. Doesn't that show we have the talent but just need a good culture for the players to follow.

They say that I am involved in a power grab. I say illicit power has already been grabbed. Powers outside the Constitution. I also say that I am not looking for a post so how can I be involved in a power grab?

Note: Liars usually see the world through their own prism. Because they lie they think everyone else is the same as them. Open your eyes, not everyone is like you. Some just seek to learn the truth.

I acknowledge that some have given me information that I have used on this blog after verifying as best as I can the authenticity of the information. At UTP some people came up to me and spoke as if I belong to one camp. Actually I belong to no camp. The opinions stated here are my own. Observe this. When Greg supported selection, I supported him in the effort. When Greg turned, I removed my support. I support issues and not people.

They say I have a personal vendetta against Jimmy and now Peter. 

Actually I have never spoken to the boy before. It is his back door antics that I am against. Make no mistake, if Jimmy comes back to play chess again I will defend his right if he has not broken the rules. And if someone fixes the selection so that Jimmy cannot represent Malaysia despite his superior chess, I will write about that injustice here. So it is not personal.

As for Peter I met him once for a drink and thought for a moment that maybe people had pegged him wrong. The very next day he wrote me a nasty email. He bans without grounds, he tried to intimidate an entire contingent and he has subverted the Association meant for KL to becoming his personal vehicle. Yet he pretends to be a good guy? And he actually thinks people cannot see through his antics.

Observe again.

Although certain people do call me and send me information via emails etc, I publish it for all to see. So how can I be taking sides? I just pass along the information that I think is genuine and I comment on public postings by Jimmy and parties. Doesn't it make sense that anyone can comment on any public posting or do you think they are the only ones that can have a say. Their arrogance and God complex is showing again.

So back to what this blog is about. All can read this blog. Jimmy, Greg, the opposition forces etc etc. So all can use the information to improve or not. If I only pass information and receive information from the new people that are seeking office then you can say I am biased. Remember I even helped Greg out when he was on the straight and narrow?

In actuality I do not know if the new people seeking posts are better or worse than the people they want to replace so FGM has not endorsed anyone. So the information available here is for everyone. Who knows, maybe Greg may decide that he will pay back all the money he has taken from MCF without proper authority. Who knows maybe Jimmy may have his IM title removed by Fide for his transgressions.

My point is the information is for everyone. It is up to them what they want to do with it. Just like it is up to you to choose a new committee or not. But at least you will not be doing it in the dark. So if someone wants a post ask him or her the questions raised here. Hear the answers for yourself and then make your own decision after having weighed out all the facts. Decision making. That is what chess is all about.

I reiterate. FGM does not endorse any candidate. I have no more information than what is presented here. You decide the MCF you want. I seek no post and I will accept no post even if offered. Is that absolutely clear now?

That is not for me. I find my fulfilment in helping our talented kids develop mental strength and a deeper understanding of the nature of strategy etc etc. I am just doing my part here to help, so that those that are genuinely interested in developing their chess and not getting free holidays, is given a chance and not killed off and sabotaged by the back room boys. You know who they are.

I share my experiences here because I have some knowledge of the type of dirty politics played by the Associations and the challengers are parents. I hope this helps to level the playing field when the actual rules of engagement is known to all parties. Healthy competition and informed choices. As chess players we need to know this before we move yes?

Now may the best man/lady win.

Good luck to all who are seeking public office. Serve to lead as Peter also said.

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