Friday, November 2, 2012

News Flash!

I have just been informed that the MCF committee meeting has been moved to the 9th. The speculation is that this is to ensure that certain MCF officials who are also parents of National Juniors will be away for the World Youth.

Now why would they do that? Why not allow concerns to be aired? Afterall we all want to improve our service to the chess community right? Afterall we all love chess and the parents of our National Juniors are by far the biggest investors in Malaysian chess? So why should the people the parents are paying call the shots?

So why? Have a look at this again. Here. Is this Standard Operating Procedure for our Chess Associations? Have meetings when they know you cannot be around?

There is also one other thing I didn't mention in my post on PICA that I thought you may like to know. The other SOP is the manipulation of minutes. What has been discussed and what is minuted are very often not the same thing. Suddenly new decisions are added that were never discussed and decisions made do not find their way into the minutes. So really, why bother with the meeting at all. Just list members "present" and then write whatever you want. Simpler yes?

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