Monday, November 26, 2012

UTP, what I was asked by officials of State Associations.

Lets turn the clock back a little. Directly after the MCF meeting on the 9th November was UTP. So I went along to visit and see old friends since the event was in Perak. By that time I was already getting some snippets of information of the shananigans at the meeting on the 9th. As I was standing around one guy came up to introduce himself. He is an official of a State Association. As we talked, mention was made about the meeting on the 9th. I was pleasantly surprised at the detail of his knowledge of what took place at the meeting so I decided to compare notes.

So this is the gist as I later confirmed with other sources. At that meeting efforts were made by certain people to put the blame on the new treasurer. A guy by the name of Megat who I don't really know. Anyway the guy came in to help around Asian Amateur time after Mr Tan stepped down. So the talk centered around Megat for a while. How can these certain people try to pin all the missing money on the new Treasurer? Crazy yes?

I gave this opinion. I said maybe some minor fault can be layed at Megats feet for allowing those people access to the money without proper authorisation from the full committee. But he was a new guy just trying to help out. So I said the main focus should be on the committee members who took and spent the money. I think this is generally agreed by the people I have discussed this with.

The next point and this was also brought up by another person present at UTP who is also a State Official. He said that there should be a role for the major culprit who all have identified and we should try to settle the matter within the family and not put the man behind bars as some others have suggested. To this I said that is also my opinion at this time. But I speak for myself only. The point is anyone can file charges once the accounts are presented and by any one person if they are not satisfied with it. All it needs is an objection recorded with COS and then later to the MACC. So all are now waiting for the accounts to come out.

This is such a sensitive matter that some committee members even refuse to attend the meeting for fear of being implicated. Anyway these certain people were unable to get consensus by those present to use Megat as the scapegoat with objections from several quarters. I heard one of the reasons given was that this just won't fly. Everybody knows who took the money. So how can they blame Megat for this now?

You see what I mean? This is an MCF meeting k. This is what they discuss. Who to fix to divert blame. And even the State Association officials know about what took place. Cartoon show.

I have spoken to several people since and they all concur. There is no way in hell to reconcile the accounts. Those people who took the money just did not have the authority.

So how do we keep this in the family?

I said the only way out is for the people who took the money to own up and give an undertaking to pay the money illicitly taken back. Without this undertaking, anyone who ratifies the accounts will be culpable to the same offence. Now this is the crux.

So what will they do?

Well they can own up and pay back the money they have taken or they can try to bluff and intimidate their way out. It has worked for 30 plus years so why shouldn't it work now?

Btw, Haslinda volunteered to be the new Treasurer and do the accounts. Does that name sound familiar? Ref: Here.  So what will she and her henchmen do? We are all waiting for their next move. Another tidbit given to me since yesterday is that she is also the one in charge of Melaka. The rumour is that the amounts there even surpass Asian Amateur. And I have heard that the sponsor of Asian Amateur said that he cannot get a clear accounting of RM40K.

So this is big. And this is explosive. And this is the position now. So do you guys want to play nice or do you still want the law involved. Understanding now Peter and Jimmy? Funny thing, I heard that one of your fellow player was at the meeting. Didn't he give you guys an accurate evaluation of the position? You see the position now is not if you guys are guilty or not by the people in the know. The question now is what to do with you guys since you are caught with your pants down.

And there is more. I attended a meeting in KL on Sat and I understand another meeting took place on Sunday to follow up. Things are different now. Now we have the internet, now we share information so that your dirty tricks won't work anymore.

The ball is now on your court. Softball or hard ball. You get to choose. Do you still want to try to terrorise FGM which has not worked after all these years or do you want to settle the real issues before Malaysian chess today. You see guys, I am just the messenger. What I put on this blog is from people who are fed up of your bullying and criminal ways. All I do here besides that is share from my own experience so they don't fall into the same trap as I did when I tried to help like Megat. Imagine trying to fix Megat so blatantly. Have you guys no shame? And you still want to try to look like hero's? You won't look so convincing in prison garbs.

My suggestion is that you guys begin with a sincere apology to the Malaysian Chess Community with a promise to change your ways. More dirty tricks is just going to incense feelings and some one may get pissed enough and go against my suggestion to give you guys a way out. Or I may change my own mind given enough reasons.

Next post. New suggestions for the State Associations to consider.

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