Monday, November 12, 2012

Comments on Peter's latest post.

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In the last line of his post Peter conveniently blames the parents and the players. His overall analysis is also based on missing blocks of theory for the reasons why the players deteriorate as they grow older in Malaysia as opposed to other Countries where many grow stronger.

There is some truth of course. After all the best lies are those couched in half truths. There is truth that the culture fostered in the family structure does affect the child to a big extent. Whether there is a culture where the child is encouraged to explore ideas and the pursuit of excellence within the family or Not, does affect outcome. So ok, that is the truth of the matter which I can accept.

But note also, it is not absolute or there will be no one that can rise above their circumstances in history.

So let ask some questions here. Is Peter not a trainer that teaches the younger age groups? And if so could he not be imputing the necessary "theories" as a trainer for the younger age groups? So I don't think that is the problem. Perhaps the problem is that he is not successful in training the older age groups to compete in situations where mental strength as well as knowledge is needed. That seems to be the feedback I am getting from the national juniors who have been with him albeit for a short time.

He is correct in the implication that technical is just not enough as the kids grow up. When 2 players of about equal technical skills meet you need mental strength and correct preparation.

But he does not talk about the failures of the "ordained" trainers in Malaysia to improve in that understanding and becoming coaches instead of just trainers. He does not talk about the failure of our Associations in allowing back doors that takes the competitive spirit out of our players.

Actually the truth is the players can continue learning to the day they give up on chess (mentally or literally). So any theory deficit can be compensated in time. Age is not the determining factor. That is the FGM experience and we have demonstrated it in competition with Mark who came from nowhere to break into the junior squad at a much later age than the rest. This can happen so long as the fighting spirit of the player remains intact.

The other question I must ask Peter here is why did you take the assignment if you did not think you can be helpful in bringing Roshan up to the next level? Why take the money if you know you cannot deliver? You had already messed up when you promoted Li Tian over Roshan. Are you now saying that it is Roshan's parents fault that you are not successful?

Why don't you study the FGM experience with Sumant? We brought a junior to the senior level via proper selection. All it needed was to foster better mental strength, self belief and proper preparation. Technical remaining a constant.

Is that why you supported the withdrawal of selection? Is that why you need to ban players without grounds? Are you are unable to accomplish that with your players? Why not just improve yourself? I have published my methods so just read my blog and improve yourself. What is so difficult about that? You just need to change right? And I have given you the road map.

So please stop blaming others and making cheap excuses Peter. Look at yourself.

ps: Good thing you added the caveats after my posting.

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