Friday, November 2, 2012

Have you read MCF's Constitution yet?

As in the game of chess, we need to learn the rules. Over the years a few people have come to see the Associations as their personal fiefdom. And so it has been used to prop up their failing businesses, a way to make easy money or for free holidays at the Country's expense. But that is not the way. They have succeeded for so long because we have been kept in the dark as to what the rules are.

And so the Associations have been used to suppress programs better than the ones they can provide, to suppress better organisers, trainers/coaches. How do they do that? By fixing matches, fixing selection. By using the authority vested in the Associations to fix their competitors.

Our Associations are meant to serve the entire chess community and not for the private interests of a select few. They are meant to be fair to all who contribute to the development of chess. If this does not happen we will not see any real investments coming into chess. Think about it. Who in their right mind will invest knowing that their businesses can easily be sabotaged by those in authority? Which real sponsor will sponsor a sport where there has been no notable success for 30 plus years and no plans to take it forward? Where the money can disappear in plain sight.

Isn't that why we have the same sorry people in chess for the longest of time? People who are so fearful of the entry of new ideas or new businesses. Isn't it their fear that they will lose their access to easy money from a community that has been given distorted information as well as carefully controlled by the use of intimidation tactics normally employed by thugs and gangsters.

So read the Constitution and we will examine how many rules have already been broken and how many more will continue to be broken. They tell you that chess makes you smart. If that is really the case, then you will learn the rules before you invest in the game. And the rules are framed in the Constitution.

Lets start on Monday then. We will turn back the clock and see what has really been happening. Have a good weekend.

All my best. Please see Constitution in post below.

Lets start with article 4. Has any of it been followed or has all of it been broken.

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