Wednesday, November 7, 2012

All roads lead to the Secretary.

Constitution here.

Like many people I wanted to give the then new Secretary of MCF my support and the benefit of the doubt from 2009 onwards. More so when he supported my suggestions on selection for SEA games and we saw such a tremendous upsurge and revival in Malaysian chess as a direct result. Old players streaming back and tournaments were seeing record breaking numbers. And many organisers/trainers etc reaped the benefit of our work. How much more resounding proof can there be to show that selection is the way forward? But I held my breath. From my days in PICA, I know that Malaysian chess politics is not straight forward and the success of selection can cause adverse reactions.

So what changed my mind?

Read the constitution again. Does it say anywhere that the Secretary has any extraordinary powers? Doesn't it say that all power comes from the main committee? That the main committee can empower sub committees that reports back to them again. The Secretary's job is just to call for meetings. He has zero power apart from being another member with his one vote.

So why do I say he is ultimately responsible for all the ills befalling Malaysian chess. Was Greg's support of my suggestion for selection for the good of Malaysian chess or for something else? Lets see. We normally choose a President that is too busy and not equipped with the knowledge to understand the technicalities of chess. And we have committee members that have no clue as to what their responsibility is to the chess public. And both these conditions lead to the ability of one man to usurp all the power and authority vested in MCF.

So how does he do this? Lets take selection again. Now if the Secretary does not have the interest of Malaysian chess but his own pockets then this may happen. Now the threat of selection can bring the weak senior players to heel. He has done it once and he can do it again. All he needs is one player who's ego is bigger than his ability and not too bright to play ball. Now why do I say not bright? Isn't it obvious to Jimmy that we can all see his games at the Olympiad by now? Didn't we show that from the Olympiad before that when Greg and Peter played? So how could be possibly think that he can get away with his poor standard?

So the question is why allow Jimmy to make a fool of himself? It took the illegitimate power of the Secretary to allow this yes? There was no meeting by the main committee to sanction this. Abuse of power.

So what am I really saying? Greg uses a system of reward and punishment; he uses misinformation and corruption to get his illicit power. Observe. Jimmy is rewarded with the Olympiad without grounds or sanction for getting Zhuo Ren to write a slanderous email, for setting up ghost websites to attack the training of the juniors and to embarrass the organisers and their sponsors. He is also rewarded for attacking a junior who won his place at selection on merit. Reward and punishment. Greg cannot do it himself from MCF. He needs his fall guys. Remember Greg is also a trainer with his own personal ambitions.

Peter is rewarded for the banning of national players without grounds with National rapid and blitz. Then he overstepped the line by trying to set national policies and was punished. Once he is rehabilitated he is given HOD. Reward and punishment. MCF has a constitution and Greg cannot do that from his position. So he needs Peter to do his dirty work. Another not so bright fall guy.

Tse Pin is asked to take his money from a source that is not legitimate after not paying him for years although Greg is using MCF money lavishly without authorisation for his own personal benefit. Eg. Fide Organisers Course etc etc etc. I am almost sure that there is no main committee resolution authorising payment into a private account. How can the main committee possibly authorise the payment into a private account? It is against the constitution. And once Tse Pin takes that money, he is in the same boat. Corruption of morals. A new recruit in the making if he takes the money.

Greg doesn't even answer the emails of queries from his own superiors in MCF. Misinformation or witholding of information. But he uses the "authority" from the President to push his way around. I am fairly sure the President is not given the true picture of what is going on. Misinformation again. The President himself does not have all encompassing power. Read the Constitution again. He is just the Chairman. The authority is with the main committee.

Or was. Now more and more power is coming to Greg. He can now begin to do what he wishes no matter what the constitution says. Power from within MCF and power from the use of his well tamed cronies outside.

Enough? There are many more examples but then this will become a very thick book.

And so we see that wrong doings are rewarded. And genuine grievances are not acknowledged or resolved. Instead all those carefully nurtured cronies are used to punish if you even dare to say that this is against the constitution. He cannot use MCF to punish. (There is a Constitution). For that he needs his tamed cronies with their intimidation and gangster methods. But he can use MCF to make sure your complaints cannot see light of day by taking you around the mulberry bush. This ensures his cronies are protected.

And so we see how a position that actually has no power suddenly become all powerful. I hope this is enough for you to want to ensure that a good Secretary that really wants to develop Malaysian chess is put in at the next AGM or we will never recover our lost position in the chess world again. So who do we have that has that strength of character? The Secretary will face a lot of pressure and he will need the support of a strong President and good Ajk's or he wont last. So all those that love Malaysian chess and want to see improvements need to think about this and we need to do what we can to ensure this corruption ends for good this time.

We cannot have a culture where the weak are rewarded and the strong attacked and broken with the authority vested in our Federation by law and still want our own GM. This defies logic and common sense. I think that should be obvious. For that is really the reason why we are falling further and further behind despite our amazingly talented players and vast resources.

You think?

Isn't it the correct way that we reward our strong players who dare to train, to compete and fight and to reward the officials that are conscientious and clean? And to support the good organisers and trainer/coaches that brings in results not from match fixing. To go forward not backwards. That's the way. The front door and not the back door.

Isn't that what we want to show our kids too? Isn't that what we want them to learn? That success can be achieved without breaking the rules or the law. What is Greg and his cronies showing them now?

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