Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reply to Peter Long.

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Dear Peter

Thank you for publishing the first part of your reply email to the list of officials kept informed of the current situation of Malaysian chess on Jimmy's blog. That is very considerate of you.

So let me address your point of you being copied. It is normal courtesy to copy the person that you are writing about. The proper protocol to want to stop further mailings is to request by return email not to be copied anymore. This is what your Najib did and his email was removed from another list for instance. But you have never done that. Yes, I do read some of your comments on Jimmy's blog from time to time. But as you know Jimmy's blog is full of toyols so I do not have the time to authenticate if it is really you or just looks like you and sound dumb like you. But since I think it could be really you this time please consider your email removed from that list.

To the real Peter wherever you are. In case someone has impersonated you and you are offended by your removal from the list, please write in directly to me and I will add you back on ok?

So that is you. About Jimmy, there is no need to email him. First of all I do not know his email and I really can't be bothered to find out. He is just someone who has cheated the entire chess community and grabbed a place on the Malaysian squad by fraud. So nobody significant. But what is really the point of including him anyway? Jimmy is one of my most avid readers. Sometimes he stays up nights just to read my blog. I am sure if he really wanted to be included on the list he would have written to me directly. Is that point answered Peter, or do you want me to explain again in simpler English?

As for the rest, they also can use the normal protocol and ask to be removed if and when they so wish. But what tickles me Peter is how do you know that Fide or ACF is not talking to me? I hear that there are Fide development funds involved that is not accounted for. There are ACF funds involved that is not accounted for etc etc etc. So are they not on a need to know basis? And why have they not asked to be removed? Can't you even do any abc level thinking anymore Peter?

And how do you know that Dato or any of the rest isn't reading my emails or talking to me? That is why I keep telling you guys to just speak for yourself. The rest are all big boys and girls. Not like you and Jimmy.

I am looking forward to being invited to the MCF AGM to answer all these questions and address the slander that you and Jimmy have been using so freely because you think certain people in MCF will protect you as they have done for all these years. But my friend, I think this time they themselves could be on trial soon and may be too busy to help you guys any further.

Do read my upcoming posts on this blog Peter or whoever you are. That is my best advice to you if you do not want to go down with them too. I would be more worried about who they might implicate when the chips are down if I were you.

It is not so nice when the people you guys attack can defend themselves yes Peter and Jimmy? You are too used to bullying children and frightened parents for too many many years now. Now I think you are beginning to see what it is like on the receiving end yes?

Why are you so scared that people are following what you guys are doing? Have you done anything wrong? I sure hope you can substantiate the allegations on your email to my list Peter. You know who is reading right?

Note: I think this will be a really interesting case as Peter is suggesting using the law etc. I really would like to see this case, of the thief running to the police for action as the victim refuses to be robbed, happening. Or the gangsters running to the cops because their victims refuses to be intimidated. So, so so so dumb. What has your type of chess done to you guys? 

All my best.

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