Monday, November 5, 2012

Peter Long is HOD at World Youth.

Ref: Here.

Now who is Peter Long? Some of you may not have heard of him as a trainer till Roshan came along.

Lets refer to article 4.10 of the Constitution of MCF. That "it's activities are conducted without discrimination ...... or any opinion held by its members". This means that you cannot ban anyone without objective grounds.

Peter Long is the organiser who bans our national players without justifiable grounds.

I had an altercation with Peter during Mal/Sing 2010. I could not abide the disrespect shown by him to the parents and players of the Malaysian contingent. Peter brought a small token as incentive. RM1,500. That is a small drop in the Ocean compared to what we parents have forked out but well appreciated by the players. But I did not feel that the dignity of the entire contingent could be bought for that small amount. In fact for any amount. He came in on the last day and tried to change the announced incentive and threatened to demoralise the players when we had all been working hard to keep morale up.

Instead of apologising for his bad behaviour, he labelled me a trouble maker and tried to ban Mark in his tournament. He is entitled to his opinion and maybe he is right as far as he is concerned. I do not like bullies and I have little regard for his ability to train at a high level. But he still cannot ban without grounds. He is entitled to his opinion just like I am too. This is stipulated in the Constitution.

But when I wrote to MCF, no action was taken despite the fact that it is not allowed under the constitution. Instead Peter was offered the National rapids and blitz where I presumed he would be encouraged to continue his banning ways. But as usual he blew it when he tried to determine national policy and it got taken away. I am given to understand that Mark is not the only player he treats that way according to some juniors and ex juniors. From that I infer the conclusion that Peter tries to ban anyone he does not like or does not take his nonsense.

Now why is this behaviour suspicious? Think about it. MCF itself cannot ban without grounds and according to article 4.7 they need to enforce their rules on its members but they are removed from MCF by one step. Plausible deniability. And they need someone who is a fall guy, someone not too bright. The suspicion? This is just another instrument to knock out players who they feel can threaten the position of the seniors or to attack parents who question their illicit activities. In this way they have gotten away with using our Associations for their selfish private gains. So Peter is the perfect guy for this. He meets all the requirements and he is already banning players he feels threatened by anyway.

An aside: It's a little like MCF officials cannot themselves offer the back doors. Too dangerous. So they also need someone not too bright to act as a go between. Plausible?

An off the cuff quiz. Does KLCA represent the great city of Kuala Lumpur or Polgar chess "university"?

And so we have a sterling example for our head of delegation in Slovenia.

Any ideas why they offer Peter HOD at this time? Like any ideas why the sudden need to pay Tse Pin now after starving him for so many years while a lot of money is unaccounted for during the same period?

Peter, I hope you have learnt from the events since Mal/Sing. The parents pay your bills. So just do your job. I sincerely hope you succeed with Roshan. He is our National Champion and his parents have given you a chance to show that you can train instead of just banning other strong players. Appreciate that. So don't worry about us following the games. We all know Roshan is a strong player. I assume you have taken the job believing that too. Your job is to take him to higher levels and not just to make excuses. Ref: Here. So if the results are not convincing, then you have failed not Roshan. Otherwise what do you think you are paid for? For him to perform at the same level? Then you might as well stay home and ask Roshan's family to save their money. Just admit that your level is too low to do him any good there.

So focus on improving yourself Peter. If you do maybe one day you can bring Roshan into the senior team via selection. The front door not the back one.

If you can do that, then you can regain your confidence. Get my drift Peter? Maybe not, so let me spell it out for you. Maybe one day Polgar Malaysia can grow up to become like FGM. Then maybe you won't feel the need to ban players better than the ones you can produce.

We are all going on the assumption that you have been given a talented junior to develop. So if something goes wrong it will probably point to the fact that you still have much to learn as a trainer.

Another thing Peter, I hear stories of you writing letters of appeal to parents of National Juniors to give you a chance to train them. No need to beg Peter. Just show results. They will be watching with interest too. So will I. If you succeed then I hope our players will be able to play one another in a test of their skills and not the banning of players from each other's tournaments.

And forget trying to justify your bannings to parents. You are not believed. And now they even have the constitution to see for themselves. And that just makes you a liar.

Try to improve instead Peter. It's a much better way than those cheap tricks to fill your classes. Good luck. Remember you have been given yet another chance from the kind heart of Roshan's dad and not from any "accomplishments" of your own. In my personal opinion again, they have taken a big risk with you. So try to justify his faith in you. You may not get another chance to prove yourself as a good trainer to parents if you mess this up too.

And please don't embarass us with more examples of bad behaviour as HOD at World Youth k? Respect the parents and players there.

All my best

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