Monday, November 5, 2012

The root cause for the failure of Malaysian Chess.

Article 4.5 says that selection must be open and fair.

And we all saw how the selection of the Olympiad was conducted. The 4th player Li Tian, was brought in under Presidents choice bypassing the stronger players from National Close. Jimmy was brought in bypassing stronger players according to Fide rating. National Close which was advertised as the open and fair selection process according to the Constitution was just put aside for the back room boys and their deals with certain MCF officials. And so an inferior team was sent to represent Malaysia.

Controlling selection is the root of all the evils that plague Malaysian chess and that is the primary reason why we have slipped in International standing over the years. Once we taught China and today we are very quickly becoming the weakest chess playing Country in this region. Almost all our neighbours are catching up and many have already left us far behind.

When I entered PICA in 2009, I found out that controlling selection was the key to controlling everything in chess. From that you can control the parents, the players and the trainer/coaches and Academies. How? Because success in chess can only be proven by winning the game. And so started the match fixing, the bannings without cause, the intimidation of players by making them jump loops for their winnings and incentives etc.

And in this way, Jimmy and his kind have made sure that none can succeed and threaten their place in the senior team. They don't mind helping the juniors. They make money out of them and their parents, get free holidays etc. The parents are also useful in other ways. They bring in the sponsors and is also used as free labour so they can make even more money. And from there the corruption as we see in the missing money from our Associations. They lie and they cheat. And when they are confronted they try to fix you and slander you instead.

So why do I say that selection is the root of our failure? I had long suspected that some of our top Juniors are already in a position to fight for a place in the senior team. I had been working with Sumant and accompanied him to many tournaments. From my observation I believed he had the technical skills to punch through. I also talked to a lot of our juniors from after Mal/Sing 2010. What I found was that many believed the lies they had been fed. All washed out by 15yo etc. I also saw the way the seniors put them down when evaluating their performance. My belief was that if the juniors had more self belief they could create an upset.

And so I put that to the test. I pushed hard to get selection put in for the SEA games. This is a historical fact. And so we finally had a testing ground. After 2 years of observing and working with Sumant I felt that I could contribute by helping him to boost his confidence and working with him to decrease his knee jerk decisions. And so I invited Sumant over to train with Mark for SEA games selection. For your further information, I did not charge for the training. I didn't feel justified as I was still testing out my theory. Zhuo Ren also requested to come and you saw what happened so there is no need to repeat the story.

That FGM training frightened a lot of people who wanted to stop the progress of the juniors. And the result proved their fears. Sumant won his place in the senior squad on merit. He was not given a place because he kow towed and kissed their feet.

Open and fair selection. That is in the Constitution that was ratified on 29/9/2008. 

And so they took away the selection again to protect the kup chai's. As I have said many times, they just have a system to inflate their numbers. They can't play good chess anymore. With open and fair selection the juniors will replace the seniors totally very soon. There are also stronger seniors that do not have the back door.

In this way they have kept Malaysian Chess backwards. How many lost generations are there? After bleeding you dry and using you for PR campaigns to fill their "training" schools, they kill you off by attacking you if you win selection instead of congratulating you or by taking away selection altogether. Is that not what is happening before our eyes? So think very carefully who you think are the ones destroying Malaysian chess. If you are still not yet convinced, I think we can slowly go through the Constitution and see for ourselves how many other rules have been broken by MCF and their cronies. They have lied to you and cheated you and they want you to think they are your hero's.

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