Wednesday, November 14, 2012

World Youth- Interim report.

This is the half way mark compiled by Peter. Here.

From here we see that we have a rising star in U8 Goh Jie Yee. So the first question must be who is her trainer? Results. That's what we want, not inflated self opinion. Of course as Peter pointed out, at that age group some accidents can happen so how far she will travel from here will be based on the few factors mentioned below.

One will be the technical input of a trainer that is in touch with the game of chess in today's world. Lets face facts, Jimmy and Peter just doesn't cut it anymore. Both of them would be trashed even at the U15 level in today's world standard. Peter most likely won't even get 3 points at this stage. That is the primary reason why the vast majority of parents of national juniors use foreign trainers and online resources. At least they are current. My personal belief is to use different trainers according to the players needs which will differ from their particular giftings and their stage of growth.

Peter says he respects the opinions of parents. Words. But his action belies his true opinion. His actions show that he thinks that only people like him and Jimmy can talk about chess. And of course I disagree and then he wants to ban my son against the rules of chess as stated in the Constitution of our Federation.

The second factor that will determine whether Jie Yee will progress further will be in the development of mental strength and deeper reasoning skills. Read here. So again the people to avoid will be trainers who are already defeated mentally, is unable to apply reasoning but instead rely on breaking the rules, belligerence and gangster methods.

The third and final barrier will be of course be at the Federation level. Do we support the players who work hard and train to improve their chess or do we support the back room boys. I say boys because this is more apparent with the guys as apposed to the girls although I have heard of strong chess girls who have disappeared from the radar out of sheer neglect. But in the boy's category we have more blatant discrimination and cheating. False selection, players brought in from outside the criteria and players bypassed even if they qualify from the stated criteria.

So many barriers and certain people with vested interests working against our own players. I hope you can now see the reasons why I say that change must happen in MCF for us to get our own strong International level players. Actually we need more parents of national juniors in our Associations but I place a caveat here. We need parents who will be fair to all our players and not parents who only just look out for their own kids. The parents of our national juniors are by far the biggest investors in Malaysian chess and they actually know more than our outdated trainers because they have invested more thinking into how to bring our juniors forward.

Look at the results again. What has the investment in technical alone brought our older players so far if they have lost their fighting spirit along the way? And who did this to them? Is it the parents according to Peter or is it what I mentioned above? The shame of it all. And he even has the audacity to try to divert the blame to us. Ref: Here. What are you doing there Peter? Ref: Here.

What was your stated aim and goal? Ref: Here. Do you not even have the fortitude to honour that?

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