Saturday, December 1, 2012

Open Letter to MCF from FGM

Dear Committee Members of MCF

Ref: Here.

I am glad that there is finally a discussion in MCF about the issues raised on FGM blog on the 2nd ie tomorrow. So allow me to clarify the situation before I directly address the frivolous charges levied by Jimmy Liew and Peter Long.

First of all it is apparent that not all the issues raised on my blog originate from FGM itself. Many accusations have been levied by the sponsors of MCF and from within the Committee of MCF itself. Other accusations come from the Malaysian chess players, parents and independent organisers. Yet others have come from the State Associations.

So I hope all will be given a fair hearing. My blog is merely used as a source of dissemination of information to the rest of the chess community (only if I find the source credible), which is very interested in the unfolding of events as you can see from a cursory view of the number of visitors to my blog. All of these people actually represent the entire spectrum of the chess community.

What is FGM's legitimate interest in this matter?

First of all FGM is a registered company doing legitimate business within the chess industry. From inception we have organised the first training for our Juniors before International Tournament by a GM. Subsequently we organised a series of Thematic Tournaments. All these activities were attacked and sabotaged from sources that originate from within MCF itself and on Jimmy's blog. I hope this matter will finally be looked into.

FGM has raised a National Junior coming from Perak who was the first to do so in over 10 years. We have also coached a National Junior who won his place in the senior squad during SEA games. This is also the first time a Junior has entered the senior squad via the front door. All my players have been attacked by Jimmy and with the support of MCF officials as well. I hope those responsible will be brought to account.

As a responsible organiser and chess coach we find that it is impossible to carry on with our business with sabotage eminating from MCF itself. I think the difficulties from an organisers viewpoint is fairly obvious. So allow me to explain it from a coaches viewpoint. When I coach my players I coach them to confront their fears and to do the necessary work to win in competition against ALL opponents in a fair fight and obeying the rules. I do not and cannot in all conscience tell them they can succeed only to the point of being Juniors and then if they want to get into the senior squad they have to learn how to kiss Jimmy's butt. That I do not do.

So selection is important to FGM. As in a fair and transparent selection as stipulated in MCF's Constitution. FGM also reserves the right to contest unfair and unconstitutional bannings as is the practice of Peter Long. I have brought this matter up many times before but it had been ignored leaving me no choice but to air it on my blog.

I think it is obvious that I would be very hard pressed to get students if the entire chess community can see that all the players that come to FGM is attacked.

So I hope that in your deliberations the guilty parties are brought into account.

I have answered Jimmy here and Peter here. I hope that the both of them as well as the people colluding with them in MCF is also brought into account. You merely have to read the Constitution to see that they have acted outside of it.

Both Jimmy and Peter are not representative of the chess community. They represent that small and sick portion of Malaysian chess that needs to be excised from the body to prevent the further infection that has lead to the virtual demise of Malaysian chess in the International arena. We were strong once but no more thanks to them and their ilk.

So those are the FGM issues. Selection and unfair bannings. Please do the right thing. 

As for the accounts, the use of personal bank accounts to siphon money out of MCF, the dissatisfactions of the State Associations etc etc, you have to address them directly with the aggrieved parties yourself. I have merely lent them space here to air their grouses with some filler comments from me.

I am sure that after you have dispensed justice to FGM's issues you will continue to address the issues brought up by the rest of the chess community including from within MCF itself.

But this is a good start. Please let me know if you would like me to attend the AGM so that I may also explain to the affiliates better. This will also give them the opportunity to grill me to see if I am speaking untruths or speaking the truth.

All my best and thank you again for finally giving me the hearing I have been requesting for so long.

I look forward to the good news.

Raymond Siew


  1. The issue is about you calling MCF a "Terrorist Organisation".

    Did you do that or didn't you, Mr RS? Or was it done by anyone hacking your blog?

  2. Abdooss, abdooss, I despair for you. I asked a question. I asked "Is MCF a Terrorist Organisation?" Also please read carefully the charges as laid by Jimmy and Peter. What are they saying? Next time please ask intelligent questions or I will not allow your comments k. You need to learn how to engage information. Then you need to learn how to ask relevant questions. Teaching you how to read is not my job. Hope we are clear now.