Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You cannot compete after you are psychologically broken.

Ref: Here.

I wrote about this real story in December last year. This is a player who used a negative experience to change his life.

Ref: Here.

These players could be damaged by the people they trusted to raise their game.

I hope those 2 examples can show you that you have a choice. You can even use negative experiences to turn your life around. But you must make that decision yourself. No one else can do that for you.

So what is your personal statement when you meet your adversary across the table? Should you not be saying, show me what you've got? Ref: Here. Should you not be saying to yourself, I trust in my ability. I trust my ability to work out the problems presented because I can think and I can reason.

And I can even think under pressure.

I trust in my training. I am as prepared as I possibly can. If I can, I will get you today. If not I will train harder, smarter and get you the next time. But I will learn and I will compete according to the rules. Ref: Here.

Now if you can say that with genuine confidence, will it not increase your chances for a medal? To eventually become a non kangkung Master?

Or do you think a non kangkung Master thinks like this? "I am going to inflate my numbers like a puffer fish. I hope he/she doesn't realise that I am really weak. I have not trained and heck I did not even compete to get my place on the squad. I will rely on my deals. I have arranged it all with Greg". Wink wink.

And like a broken record the kangkung Master keeps pointing to his "active" Fide rating. He keeps talking about rating inflation and how he is much stronger today than even his rating suggests. But he does not dare to compete for his place. He wants his PhD downloaded from the internet. And it comes with the (k) abbreviation.

Now do you understand why I think it is the opposite of what Ilham thinks? Ref: Here.

How can you compete if they have broken you psychologically? When you have lost your self belief. When they have taken it away from you? How can you compete when you take the short cuts? When you cannot win in a local selection but want to represent Malaysia Internationally. You have learnt nothing. You have not managed to overcome your fears. You have no disciplne. You have no real training in competition. When you have become a kangkung player.

And then you want to win against a tough opponent overseas? You want a medal? You want to be a GM?

Tell me how this can be done again? Maybe I missed something in the 10 years of listening to your excuses and lies.

You keep saying that I do not play chess. So it should be very easy for you guys to shut me up yes? After all your combined knowledge in chess must outstrip mine by a gazillion times. So lets just meet on the table at National Close k. This is your chance to showcase your total superiority and shut me up for good.

So I hope to see you IM(k) Jimmy, FM(K) Peter and Eddy. You can all come together and bring along your proteges too. We will meet you in open competition. In a clean and fair selection k.

We will practice healthy competition. We will not practice sabotage. We will not pre-agree results but you can make any deals you want between yourselves. You can even arrange for your own arbiter. Are those conditions fair enough for you? Let me know if you feel you need better conditions k.

Show me I am wrong. Talk is cheap.

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