Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good administrative habits for chess under the 2 MCF's.

For the Malaysian Chess Federation, I would say keeping the time for the standard anchor events around the same dates each year would help to foster a higher standard of chess in Malaysia. For the players/trainers/coaches it means that they can plan and schedule their training. For the parents that means they can arrange their budgets and plan for the tournament runs. For the event organisers that means they can plan for filler events to give additional tournament exposure for the competitors allowing for a higher level of competition.

All of these things combined will eventually lead to a higher standard of chess in Malaysia. This means that everyone is working towards the same goal.

However for the other MCF, "My Chess Friend's", a good way to keep it all within the family is to only tell a handful of "friends" that the event is pushed 3 months ahead for instance, so they can prepare ahead of time while the rest is caught with the wrong training schedule. Another good way is to also delay the announcement for the calender of events simultaneously. All of this together with the other "administrative tools" will help to keep it within the family.

It all depends on the aim I suppose. And it all depends on which "MCF" you are talking about. But both are good administrative habits towards different ends. On one end is the development of chess in Malaysia of course. And by development I mean raising the overall standard. Maybe you can guess what the other MCF's aim could be.

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