Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why the desperate need to attack Mark and FGM?

Lets examine this a little deeper. Ref: Here.

Why indeed? I have never said Mark was the strongest Junior. I have only stated his achievements from his tournaments which is public record. I have not added but I have also not subtracted.

A clue may be gleaned from the reason why Jimmy and his cohorts attacked the FGM training by a GM for the National Juniors in 2010. Could it be they fear that the Juniors may improve?

After all if Mark is not strong he will just lose and not make the selection. There is absolutely no need for that sort of ugliness.

There was no need to force Zhuo Ren to write that email to attack me publicly on Jimmy's blog or Sumant to be attacked the way he was by anonymous people coming from Jimmy's blog till he too attacked me publicly.

There is no need for Eddy Fong to teach his children how to lie or slander on FB.

After all if Mark is a weak player he just won't make it in a proper selection. It is that simple.

And chess is supposed to teach us how to find the clues to evaluate the position on the board.

So what is your evaluation of this situation?

This is what I can see so far. They do not want a proper selection with no loop holes. They are deathly afraid of healthy competition. If you dare to compete on the board and try to win selection then they will set Jimmy, Peter and Eddy on you.


Could it be this? When there are deals made as to who should enter the squad and who should not, there is one thing they must make sure of. That there are no loose cannons that can upset the results. Ref: Here. Very obviously Mark is not yet the strongest. But Mark is continuing his training for National Close. And they know we have the better training program or at least equal to theirs.

So if Mark is to continue to pose a challenge, he may be good enough by National Close to create an upset and ruin the deal. I think that is their greatest fear and why they so desperately need to keep their side doors open. I find that quite obvious. What about you?

Why don't they just spend all that time improving their chess instead if they are so afraid?

Of course in life we need to learn to partner too. I play a game called Bridge. That game teaches us about partnering. It tells us how to find the right partners in order to compete better.

But that is not the job of chess. Chess is supposed to teach us how to compete. You do not use chess to learn how to partner up to keep strong players from developing.

So what is so wrong about healthy competition and clean selection for chess? Do you think our players will be able to partner up with the players from the other Countries to enable Malaysia to win medals at SEA games, Olympiads etc?

Now do you understand why we get thrashed overseas? Now do you understand why Jimmy, Peter and Eddy do what they do?

Simply put, if they do not manage to break Mark with their psycho attacks then all future deals could be in jeopardy. And they won't be able to put into the National Team who they want. And mind you, the considerations won't be about chess. That is why we fail on the International circuit. We mainly send out the weaklings with fat numbers some of which are manufactured. Players who are scared to compete. And we still want medals from them?

So leave Mark and the rest who wants to learn from chess alone. You can do any partnering you want. We cannot stop that.

But when we meet you on the table we will still compete in healthy competition. In case you still don't know what that means, it means we won't do it by sabotage. It means we will only do it by being the better chess player or not. The table will decide. Ok guys?

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