Saturday, January 11, 2014

The politics in chess.

Have you ever wondered why simple concepts like healthy competition, clean and fair selection, no banning of players without justifiable grounds, no sacking of officials without justifiable grounds, due process and a fair hearing, is so difficult to take root in Malaysian chess?

Is it so difficult to accept that your place on the National squad should be based on your chess skills and not back door dealings and manufactured numbers? Is it so difficult to understand that your success as a Coach/Trainer should be based on your knowledge, skills and proven results and NOT because you control entry via the Associations?

Is it so difficult to understand that you should be elected into office based on your good works and not by manipulation of the AGM and the issuing of threats?

Etc. etc. etc.

The above are all apparent truths and apparent wisdom.

Yet their response to any of the above will be twisting and turning, lies and slander. Their response is intimidation or banning.


I have suggested that we take the politics out of chess. We take politics out of sports. There needs to be a line to stop the insanity. We have become a mind sport without the ability to think or reason. This is simply because politics is about the preservation of power and protection of "priviledges". Even to the extent of removing the rights of others. And so it is not about development.

Please think on this.

Now do you know why the real issues have been ignored? Why we are in decline as a chess Nation? Why they need to attack our gifted and talented players in order to promote theirs? It is because of politics. Nothing more and nothing less. So what happens to the chess? What happens to the strong players that others develop? From the States, from other coaches and trainers that do not condone the back doors because it breeds weak players. What happens to them if the back door players and their supporters get their way?

How will our GM come under our current conditions?

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