Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So is there a way forward?

I think there is.

And it will come when MCF can behave professionally. That means no more side doors , back doors or biased selection for the crony/kangkung players. That means the efforts and sacrifices of ALL the players, parents and coaches within the chess community is respected. That also means the end of banning/sacking without grounds etc.

Gens Una Sumus. Ref: Here.

The key to this lies in the selection criteria.

ALL of the drama we see is to facilitate for the players who need the short cuts. And their supporters are parents who have no confidence in their children's abilities, trainers/coaches who have no confidence in their own abilities. Ref: Here.

And then the Officials exploit this to cari makan.

So once MCF is professional and fair to all then we will all move forward purely according to the effort we each put in.

It all starts by correcting the selection criteria. Focus on this and change will happen and our GM will come. And Malaysia will become a force in the chess world. We have the talent and we have the resources.

Caveat. So long as our strong players are not knocked out by the back door boys. So long as the resources do not disappear into a deep endless pit. We do not have enough resources for their greed.

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