Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What kind of sick culture punishes the player for training and trying to win in a selection?

The year was 2011. Sumant and Zhuo Ren came to my house to train for the SEA games selection with Mark and me. Sumant had been with me for almost 2 years by then and it was Zhuo Ren's first time. Zhuo Ren was curious about the methods I used to help Mark get the number 2 place at the previous National Junior and Mark beat Zhuo Ren in that event.

Admittedly my knowledge was not as complete as it is today but I did know this much even then. You need to train and then you need to compete. During that time I was talking a lot about mental strength on my blog and I was beginning my explorations into the use of competitor analysis as a training tool.

And then I made a "mistake". I posted on my blog that Sumant and Zhuo Ren were training for SEA games selection at my house. Just that simple statement. I did not say that I developed Zhuo Ren. That was Mok. I merely said that they were training.

And then all hell broke loose.

Question. What was so wrong with that post that Zhuo Ren was attacked the moment he went home and then forced to write an email attacking me on Jimmy's blog?

Zhuo Ren did not win in that selection but Sumant did.

Another question. What was so wrong when Sumant won that selection and became the first Malaysian Junior to enter the senior squad via selection? Why did they attack him so viciously on the blogs and other places till finally he too attacked me publicly? Where is Sumant today? Has he left chess?

We need answers to those questions if we are to progress? Are they trying to tell us that the only way permissible is via the back doors? Are they saying that we are not even allowed to train to win in a clean and fair selection?

Is this how we are going to win medals overseas and get our own GM?

Is it the plan of MCF to negotiate our way into getting a GM? If so, then why don't we all stop training in chess and learn the art of negotiation instead? It would be more relevant no? Why waste time? Lets cancel selection altogether and we all learn negotiation.

Perhaps this is another art we can also master if negotiations fails. We can learn to attack all the other players overseas via our blogs and psycho them all into losing to our players. That may also be relevant work.

Another idea is to have our arbiters become experts in fixing tournaments via swiss manager. That way we can ensure that the pairings are in our favour.

Some PR work would also not be amiss. We just need some games overseas to promote our players. Then they will look strong at least. That may win us some games if done cleverly. So PR studies could also be a way forward.

But there is absolutely no need for us to have selection, learn to play chess or learn to compete for our place in the current regime. Think about it. We have wasted so much time already trying to do that.

Lets just focus on what brings results and forget selection. Agree MCF?

Another idea just popped in my head. Maybe we can just buy a GM, U think? Bravo MCF. Have you made enough money for that yet?

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