Sunday, January 19, 2014

The GJPE Scandal. Hot off the press.

The Greg, Jimmy, Peter, Eddy (GJPE) Scandal.

Actually what is so offensive about the GJPE scandal? Let's examine this together.

The most offensive thing to me is that they allow no other space in Malaysian chess except for theirs. If you decide you want to learn from the game, train and then compete in healthy competition, they will attack you once you reach a level where you can potentially disrupt their deals. You either have to join them or they will find ways and means to get rid of you.

In normal society, some will decide that a life of crime is for them. But for most of us at least we can decide to live a normal law abiding life. We have that space. We can still do well in our jobs or do well in business by following the law.

But that is not the case in Malaysian chess. I have given you years and years of examples to show what they won't allow. Can you finally see that there is no way for you to succeed in chess in Malaysia without dealing with the GJPE Scandal?

It's their way or the highway. So you decide. Do you want to invest in a game where there is absolutely no future or do you want to take the game back from them.

Note: I hope you can see that their way does not work. It has been tried and tested for 30 plus years and it has failed.

Is chess something important for the development of your children? Ref: Here. Can chess contribute anything else to our Nation? Ref: Here.

Are those reasons enough to say enough is enough? We do not want the gangsters to rule in Malaysian chess, do we? I have made my decision. What about you?

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