Monday, January 13, 2014

We get this right and our GM will come.

When we ask questions like how come the National Close is announced as the selection criteria for the Olympiads and none of the winners there were allowed to go, MCF needs to answer instead of keeping quiet. Is it because the sponsors for the event only wanted to promote certain players? If so what gives them that right?

When we ask why Li Tian was allowed to go to the Olympiads as well as the Asian Zonals (and no other top Junior given that opportunity) although he has not won in any qualifying selection, then MCF needs to explain. (In fact he lost to all top 3 players at National Close).

When we ask why decisions were made based on suspect overseas tournaments instead of local selection then MCF needs to investigate the officials involved in that decision and those that took part in that scam.

Etc. etc. etc.


This is simply because we need to reward those players who work hard at improving their chess and not those that have easy entries and think they are going for a holiday when flying the Malaysian flag.

This is simply because we are a mind sport where our primary tool is the ability to think and reason.

So how can we use intimidation, lies and slander instead of being able to give good intelligent explanations?

When someone brings up a question or an issue, then the authorities need to explain. Not set Jimmy, Peter and Eddy to attack. What Jimmy, Peter and Eddy need to learn is to offer reasoned suggestions or a better solution.

Not use intimidation, lies and slander and then teach the children to do the same.

Why are we not supporting the players that work and train hard? Why only support the cronies although they cannot play chess anymore? Is it because of the sponsors?

Then why can't we get better sponsors that can sponsor without interfering in the selection? Is it because they fear getting involved in the nastiness of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy? Player, Official and Parent. Is it because no decent corporate entity will enter an arena to see their reputation sullied by all that mud slinging and disreputable practices?

Question. Is the price of your support of the back door boys coming at the cost of developing strong players by sponsors/trainers/coaches/officials that will not support the back doors?

How can we possibly go out and fight for medals and honors using players that do not even dare to compete at home? Boggles the mind yes? And they keep using the slogan, chess makes you smart.

Selection must be conducted without fear or favour. Sponsorship must be blind so long as the selection criteria is fair and the tournament clean.

And of course the same thing applies to the State Associations as well.

Just get this right and our GM will come in no time. It's that simple. We have everything else.

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