Friday, December 27, 2013

Is there a moral to this story?

Today I heard a story. It went something like this. There was once an 11 year old boy. He was playing against an opponent that an official from MCF wanted to win. To entice the boy to lose that official offered him RM50. This was a big sum to the boy at that time and so he accepted the offer and threw the game.

But that official did not pay that boy. After all what can an 11 year old boy do to him? And he was a big man in MCF.

However this boy was not broken from that experience. Over the years the boy grew up to become an influential and powerful man. A rich man. But he never forgot that experience. He vowed that no young boy/girl will ever suffer the indignity that he went through as a child again.

And so the struggle continues to this day. The final chapter is yet to be written.

So is there a moral to this as yet incomplete story? Could it be that you cannot escape the law of karma? Maybe it's don't screw around with a real chess player. Or maybe it's never start a fight you cannot finish. And not everybody can be bullied. Maybe.

You can take your pick of endings that you would like. After all the story is still being written and the wheel is still in spin.

How about for want of RM50, a lucrative empire that has cheated genuine chess players and frightened, naive parents for years and years and years is lost? I kinda like that ending myself.

In the chess game of the adult world of business, there is something called the penalty for insult.

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