Monday, January 27, 2014

Chess as a tool to develop National character?

I read on facebook that some Countries are using chess to develop the character of their citizens. Lets examine that today. I have always said that chess is a doubled edged sword. It can be used to build or it can be used to tear down.

It can be used to build under the following conditions:

That the player is taught how to continue to think and reason under the pressures of intense competition. This is achieved by developing the winning mindset. And this is how it can be accomplished. Here. If this is done correctly, then our players will be taught how to find solutions despite the pressures.

And character is developed when they are able to do the right thing and come to the right solution inspite of the pressure to mentally cave in. To give in to their fears. In chess we have this opportunity to correct the thinking one move at a time, one game at a time and one tournament at the time. And when you can do that you develop your character.

For that is how character is defined and formed.

On the other hand chess can be used to tear down. As a result there is no ability to think, to reason and to find solutions. When that happens, this is the result. Here. When they lose the debate all they have is lies and slander. Threats and intimidation.

And that is the way to develop future gangsters and criminals. 

Which type of chess would you choose for your children? Which type of chess builds character? Which type of chess do we need? That is the question before us today. And we get to choose before Feb 7. Before the criteria for NC is finalised. For the criteria will show us which type of chess Malaysia practices and will continue to practice.

Note: At the very least we should be given the space to practice the chess we want without being attacked. Ref: Here.

Thank you for your time.

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