Sunday, January 5, 2014

What is chess designed to teach us and it's limitations. Part 1.

If we really observe carefully, then what we have been doing is not what chess is about. Think about it. We have our local "experts" telling us what chess is about and they do not allow any other expression or they attack you.

And they have been in control for many many many years now. So lets look carefully at what have become of them. Let us look carefully at where Malaysian chess is now. Look here. 

So can we finally say that something is wrong? Can we admit today that Jimmy, Peter and Eddy and their backers have taken us to Timbaktu? Before we go on let us look at their methods first.

They believe that chess is about sabotage and so they use the associated tools. And they think people like silent ninja is a blessing to chess, something to be proud of. Ref: Here. That is their version of "competition". And so they have knocked out everyone that can be a threat, a better chess player, by controlling the back doors and the use of intimidation, lies and slander.

On the other hand, I have tried to say that chess is designed to help us develop Generals, CEO's etc. And I also say that there are rules of conduct that the civilised world acknowledges. That means we must progress without cheating or risk going to prison later in life from their understanding of chess.

So chess needs to create an environment where we teach our young, where we guide our young to compete without cheating. And we can only do that by example.

Therefore I have proposed that chess is about healthy competition and clean selection. Healthy competition says it is about learning and self improvement and not sabotage. That means we learn, we measure the gaps, we train to narrow the gaps and then we compete. Clean selection in healthy competition means that yes, we are friends but when I meet you on the board, I will not pre-agree the results and I will compete to see where my knowledge ends and what I have to do to improve for the next time.

So this is the fight of ideas within the Malaysian chess community today. The fight for a strong Malaysian Team versus those that want to continue the back door entries without being able to play chess. And why not? Their way has taken us nowhere. Why don't we try something new? And why should we allow them to intimidate us into not daring to try?

Simply put. If Jimmy, Peter and Eddy are right, then we will be right at the top of the chess rating charts today. That's what happens when you get it right. Till next week then.

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