Thursday, January 23, 2014

You cannot improve unless you dare to compete.

Ref: Here.

What did you learn from that article? This is what I see. I don't think Tony is out to sabotage his opponents. I don't think he is thinking of manipulating the calender or to change the criteria so his Team wins.

I think what he is asking of his team is to improve enough to be able to compete with good chances first, and then the sponsorship will continue.

You know what else I see? I think a sponsor like him can do wonders for Malaysian chess. What do you think? But first we must stop our nonsense yes? First we must be able to raise our game so that a sponsor like him would be interested in our sport.

Does that make sense? And do you still think we are headed in the right direction?

Air Asia did sponsor us once through FGM to engage a GM to train our Juniors at subsidised fares for the players going to Asean and free air tickets for the parents and officials. But what did we do that made them stop the sponsorship? 

You heard the man yes? You know what he wants. And all top sponsors want the same. But do you know what happened to us after Tony personally approved sponsoring chess via FGM? 

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