Friday, January 17, 2014

2 Golds by Malaysia in para chess.

Ref: Here.

I hope we can stop for a little while to think on this. It is right in front of our eyes if only we can see it. I have constantly lamented on the weak mental state of our senior male squad. And I have given many reasons why we are so weak there.

However in the past I have spoken about the fighting spirit of our girl's senior squad. I said that it was probably because we have much less politics there.

Now lets look at our para squad. I think there is a huge lesson here also. What is so special about them is that they have to overcome very very tough adversities to even play chess at all. They are also not molly coddled and that is why I think they are strong.

To even go to compete at all they are already mentally strong. And we can feel proud of that. Probably there is also little politics in para chess.

Those are the elements we need in our senior mens squad too if we want medals, if we want our own GM.

Less politics and less molly coddling till they stop playing for Malaysia long past their due dates via biased selection criteria and back door dealings. Or by knocking out other strong players by bannings etc.

Then the senior men's squad will fly too. And in turn that will lift the standard of chess across the board in Malaysia. Is it clearer now?

We have the resources and the talents. We just need to stop Jimmy's, Peter's and Eddy's agenda from further controlling Malaysian chess for the senior mens team. 

Do note I said stopping their agenda and not banning them etc etc. There is a difference.

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