Sunday, January 26, 2014

More on the JPEG Scandal.

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Before I start, I want to thank James Ho for the new acronym. James, I accidentally deleted your comment. My apologies.

My coaching methods include developing the character of the player for I believe that without a strong character you cannot win in a competitive environment. So I train Mark not to agree to a draw. A draw must only be reached when both sides have run out of ideas to win. I have also referred to this as mental strength training in the past. To me chess is the ideal training round for this as the pressures to quit mentally is very very high.

Development via chess is about learning how to compete by RAISING YOUR GAME inspite of the outside pressures.

So of course, we prepare to win against Yit San and Li Tian. Read this. Here. JPEG, this is chess and learning how to compete is the purpose of the game. So how can this cause such foaming of the mouth in you guys? Isn't that already a given? Are we talking about the same game? Or are you saying you don't want to play without a deal?

Why does my coaching of our Juniors on how to compete create such fears in you? Here. Have you no faith in your own players or your training methods?

How does that warrant you trying to ban Mark, attack him and me with lies, innuendos and slander? How does that justify you guys from denying him the exposure he deserves as one of the top Juniors in Malaysia?

Li Tian has never won a Junior tournament or got a top placing; has never qualified from National Close. Yet he has been given the chance for multiple International tournaments as part of the senior squad etc on Malaysia's expense. And by taking the place of stronger Juniors/players without merit. So are we not allowed to ask those questions?

We did not ask to ban him. We asked that he qualifies just like everybody else.

My coaching methods may differ from theirs and I do not arrange for the back doors simply because I see chess as the training ground for Mark, for instance, when he goes into business later in life. In fact I have also taught him the game of Bridge as that game teaches him on how to partner to compete better. We are here to learn from anything that helps us improve.

So why is it that we are not allowed that space?

We do not try to ban you. We do not disrupt your deals apart from not agreeing to be a part of it. We do not even object when you use your own arbiter. That is your choice, your chosen path in life. You want to raise liars, so be it. You want to risk going to prison, so be it. That is your choice. And not for me to judge.

We merely ask for a fair selection criteria so that all is given a chance based on their chess skills alone. Including you guys.

So are we not allowed to make other choices? We choose to compete when we meet on the table. We choose to compete without cheating or depriving others of their rightful place.

So JPEG, the scandal is because you do not allow for anyone NOT to become like you. You try to make it a crime to be honest. You try to make asking for a clean selection a crime against Malaysian chess and healthy competition a dirty word.

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