Sunday, January 12, 2014

What does no politics mean to you, Peter?

Ref: Here.

In a way I am glad you put up that last line after my post that I have applied to enroll Mark for KL Open this year. So now we can have this conversation to see if we are on the same page for what that means.

Lets start with your process for enrollment. Why do you need for players/parents to write in to you first? The transparent process is to just put up the bank account details and for us to pay into the account. And if the Association believes there are grounds not to allow that player entry then a written reason is given stating what those grounds are. And we can challenge those grounds if we feel it is not justified. That is in line with natural justice and it's even stated in the COS Constitution.

Note: Purely private events operate under different rules.

Please allow me the use of some hearsay here as it may shed some light and perhaps guide this enquiry as to why you do that. In 2009, I was talking to some people at the KL Open that year. They told me that some strong players won't play at your events and that there is a sort of a boycott. Since I didn't really know you then, I didn't put much weightage to that sort of talk. But I have to admit that I was a little shocked at your behaviour there where you abused both players and parents. You do remember that incident with Zuhri yes etc? However I put it down to stress then. You are just a person with little emotional control.

Then this happened to Mark in the following tournament. Ref: Here. So I made further enquiries from your former students to ask if this was normal behaviour for you? And I was told that you have "banned" players that you didn't like in the past.

So this was starting to form a pattern. You use KLCA events to grind your personal axes or to vent your frustration for your failings as a trainer. In my case it was probably because of the incident between us during Mal/Sing 2010. And you wanted to take it out on Mark.

That probably just mean that you not only lack emotional control but you are unprofessional too.

However on even closer examination I see that you also take credit for work not done by you? Actually which of those players did KLCA develop? Lik Zhang was developed by Colin, Zhuo Ren by Mok etc. Merely allowing them to play in a tournament does not constitute development. All it shows is that you have subverted the Association to only allow entry to "your" select players as a way to make you or Polgar seem relevant.

Where is your age group for KL? Where is your KL Juniors? What is your basis for selecting KL players? You try to take from the successes of others without giving them any credit and without doing any work yourself. Now isn't that politics Peter?

Isn't this starting to look like you are using KLCA only to further Polgar? Why can't Polgar develop her own players to compete in a selection?

From the look of things Peter you are the one playing with politics and if I may add not very well too? Can't you see that by doing all that you are doing Raja Nazrin a great disservice? He has lent his name to KL Open not to have it dragged into your personal issues.

You are also doing your President a great disservice. He is relying on you to make the event a success for the benefit of Malaysian chess and not to isolate KLCA further and further from the rest of the chess community with each subsequent event.

So what are you really doing Peter? And you even use the big "we" in your last sentence? Do you have consensus on your stand? Somehow I don't think you do. I think you are just borrowing their names to try to enhance your reputation. But that doesn't work either Peter. Your reputation is yours and yours alone to build or to destroy.

Maybe you have a good explanation for your behaviour over all these years. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps you can explain clearer when we meet.

If we can agree on what no politics means, I am sure we will get along just fine.

All my best for 2014, Peter.

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