Monday, January 20, 2014

MCF Calender of events 2014.

Where is it?

For a game that they keep saying makes you smart, I am wondering where is the evidence to back up that slogan?

Surely they must realise by now that serious players plan their calender way ahead? I have said that these are the benefits of chess. Here.

So I am beginning to wonder if we are talking about the same game at all? MCF does stand for the Malaysian Chess Federation right? Surely what they are saying cannot be true? I have heard one say, MCF means "Money Comes First". A new one by Ilham is MCF means "My Chess Friends".

I am sure they must be wrong and those are just lies and slander. So there must be some sign of intelligence from the Federation of a game that makes you smart, no?

But really, where is the calender of events? Come on Greg, prove us wrong. Or prove us right.

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